Encuentro de Producciones Alternativas y Comunitarias La imagen de los pueblos (0)

Alternative Productions and Community Image of peoples


14 Jun 2016
Aufruf zu Einschreibungen

02 Sep 2016
Festival geschlossen

08 Nov 2017

21 Okt 2016
24 Nov 2016


13 de Abril 14-112 y El Oro,  EC100104, Ibarra, Imbabura, Ecuador

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 Internationales Festival
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 Januar 2012
 Produktionsländer: Jede
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 Nationalitäten Regisseur: Jede
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Dieses Festival ist gegenwärtig nicht für Einreichungen offen.

Festival Start: 21 Oktober 2016      Festival Ende: 24 November 2016

Films by artists, filmmakers, independent filmmakers and documentarians and / or community organizations, groups, local television and / or community college students and social production of Ecuador, Latin America and the world will be accepted.

The interest is to get audiovisual productions to places that are excluded from the film-culture in order to create spaces for reflection upon the awareness of community sectors, educational institutions, universities, neighborhoods and cities, and recover public spaces for the audiovisual in Ecuador.

a) Films of any running time completed after January, 1st, 2012, can be submitted.

b) Films submitted in languages other than Spanish must be subtitled into Spanish.

c) To send your film to the festival you may:

1) Submit it through Festhome.

d) All films must be submitted before September, 2nd, 2016.

e) All selected films will be notified by email in the last days of October 2016.



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