SANFIC16 - Santiago Festival Internacional De Cine ()

SANFIC16 - Santiago International Film Festival


24 Mar 2020
Call for entries

11 May 2020
Festival closed

15 Aug 2020
Notification date

16 Aug 2020
23 Aug 2020


Víctor Hendrych #361, Providencia,  7501401, Santiago de Chile, Metropolitana, Chile

Festival description
Short film festival 30'<
Feature film festival >60'

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 February 2019
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  30'<
 Feature Films  >60'
 Any language
 Any language
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Photo of SANFIC16 - Santiago Festival Internacional De Cine
Photo of SANFIC16 - Santiago Festival Internacional De Cine

Photo of SANFIC16 - Santiago Festival Internacional De Cine
Photo of SANFIC16 - Santiago Festival Internacional De Cine


Festival start: 16 August 2020      Festival end: 23 August 2020

SANFIC, Santiago International Film Festival, represents a film platform with educational, cultural, artistic and industrial purposes, as well as a prime symbol of the Chilean capital city and the whole country.

The awards the jurors will grant are:

International Competition:

• Best Film
• Best Director
• Best Actor/Actress

Chilean Cinema Competition:

• Best Film
• Best Director
• Best Actor/actress
• Best Sound

Chilean Short Films / Local Talent Competition:

• Best Film

The Juries of the International, Chilean and Chilean Short Films / Local Talent Competition, will be allowed to propose special mentions, with a limit of three.

No film can receive more than two awards.



1.1 SANFIC 16, Santiago International Film Festival, organized by the CorpArtes
Foundation and produced by Storyboard Media, will take place between
August 16 and 23 of 2020.

1.2 The registration is open to full-length fiction films and documentaries,national and international, as well as for Chilean short films exclusively. All the production must have been finished after February 1, 2019. The registration is free.

1.3 Exhibition formats:
a. The exhibition formats accepted for the full-length films are: DCP (Digital
Cinema Package) and Apple ProRes 422 HQ file. The festival reserves the right to verify the technical quality of all the formats.
b. In the case of other digital formats not specified above, SANFIC reservesthe
right to review them on a case-by-case basis and decide what the festival
esteems convenient for their exhibition.
c. For the short films, the accepted format of exhibition is Apple ProRes 422 HQ or LT, 23,976 fps, 2.0 Sound (without exception), resolution of 1920 x 1080p (with letterbox), subtitles of 44 characters per line (2 lines maximum per dialogue), usage of yellow gamma for the texts in accordance to the color correction of the video. No other format will be accepted.

1.4 SANFIC will give priority to national and international film premieres.

1.5 The films selected will be screened in their original version.

a. For full-length foreign films:
The projection copy with Spanish subtitles will be preferred. If such copy should
not exist, a copy with English subtitles will be required (unless the film is spoken in this language).
b. For full-length Chilean films:
The digital copy for projection will be required to have English subtitles
incorporated into the copy.

c. For Chilean short films:
The digital copy for projection will be required to have English subtitles
incorporated into the copy.

1.6 The producer that holds the rights to the film, must communicate to SANFIC
their desire to participate before May 11, 2020 in the case of the full-length and short films, completing the registration through This document will have the character of a sworn declaration and in which they state that the declarant knows and accepts the present Regulation.


2.1 SANFIC includes three categories in the official competition:

a. International Competition: for first, second, third, fourth and even fifth films,national and international full-length, fiction as well as documentaries.

b. Chilean Cinema Competition: full-length fiction films and documentariesof
Chilean production.

c. Local Talent Short Film Competition: Chilean short film only of Chilean
production or co-production with Chile, fiction as well as documentaries. The
works may be fiction, documentary and/or animation, and should be maximum 30 minutes in duration.
The SANFIC selection committee will program the categories. The Chilean films in competition should have, at least, their national premiere in SANFIC.

2.2 The SANFIC Organization will name the members of the juries.

The format of the juries is the following:
a. International Competition Jury: it will be formed by a minimum of three members,of which 2 out of 3 should be public figures foreign to the organizing country.
b. Chilean Cinema Competition Jury: it will be formed by a minimum of three members, of which at least 2 out of 3 should be public figures foreign to the
organizing country.
c. Local Talent Short Film Competition Jury: it will be formed by a minimum of three members, of which at least 2 out of 3 should be public figures foreign to the
organizing country.

d. Those persons who have any share in the production and/or exploitation of
the films in the competition cannot be a part of the jury.
e. The jury votes will be secret and the decisions adopted by them will be by
simple majority. A representative of SANFIC may attend the jury
deliberations; however with no voting rights.
f. The members of the jury firmly agree to not express publicly their opinions
about the films submitted to their consideration before the official
proclamation of the awards. Any conflict not foreseen in the present
regulation will be resolved by the SANFIC organization.

2.3 The awards to be given by the jury are:
International Competition:
▪ Best Film
▪ Best Director
▪ Best Actor/Actress
Chilean Cinema Competition:

▪ Best Film
▪ Best Director
▪ Best Sound
▪ Best Actor/Actress
Local Talent Short Film Competition:

▪ Best Film

The jury of the International Competition, of Chilean Cinema and Local Talent
Short Film, will be able to propose special mentions, with a limit of two. No film
will be able to receive more than two awards.
2.4 The producers of the films that have received an award are obligated to
mention it in all their publicity and press material, including the SANFIC logo
that will be send in time by the organizers.

2.5 After accepting the invitation to participate in any of the competition
categories, the films may not be withdrawn from SANFIC. They may not be
screened in Chile (this considers any broadcasting platform, like internet or
any other) before the date that SANFIC takes place.


SANFIC has arranged a registration mechanism for films, in which the registrants
must send their material before the registration deadline:
• Full-length and Short Films before May 11, 2020
3.1 Online film delivery platform: The platform “FESTHOME: The Online Film
Festival Submission Center”, is known worldwide, it is a distribution service for films
(full-length and short) through the Internet that offers online viewing quality in an
automatic manner for SANFIC15. The producer may register his/her film through
the website where they will find all the necessary
information for registration.
The films selected should send the following before June 18, 2019:
a. A copy of the selected film.
b. A list of the subtitles and a list of the dialogues in the case that thefestival
requires it.
3.2 In case of damage or loss of a disc or other, any complaint must be made
effective during the month following the reception of the material. No claims will
be accepted after said period.
3.3 The SANFIC Selection Committee is not obligated to view filmsregistered
after the deadline.


4.1 Catalogue: With the objective of correctly editing the catalogue, SANFIC will extract material from each selected film from Festhome, for this reason we
request that the registrants include, without exception, in their registration form the following materials:
• Synopsis of the film (600 characters max.).
• Film biography of the director that includes at least year, city and
country of birth; and his/her full-length films that they havepremiered.
• High-resolution photography, portrait type, of the director.
• Four or more photos of the film, also in high resolution.
• List of technical and artistic credits that include at least: director,
executive producers, screenwriter, cinematographer, art director, film
editor, music director and cast.
• Trailer (in case it has one).

4.2 The decisions about the editorial contents of the catalogue will remain under the charge of SANFIC.


5.1 Once the official selection has been made, SANFIC may use fragments of
the films, of up to a maximum of 3 minutes, and photographs (extra ones to
those requested in the registration form), with promotional objectives. For the
short films the duration of the fragments may not exceed 10% of the duration of
the final work. The website and SANFIC social networks may include graphic
materials and any other promotional support that the festival esteems
convenient. If the fragments are not available on behalf of the film producer,
SANFIC may copy one or more film fragments, with promotional purposes and in order to use them before or during SANFIC.

5.2 SANFIC may use fragments of the winning films or those that receive a
mention by the jury, of up to 3 minutes, as well as photographs, withpromotional
purposes, after finalizing SANFIC, until the competition esteems it is convenient.
5.3 It will be required of the producers of the selected films to provide SANFIC
with a pertinent screener to be sent with embargo (or with a specific password
for viewing in the case that it be required) to the film critics and festival programmers who wish to see the film prior to the festival functions, for promotional and communications purposes.


6.1 The details about the delivery of the copies for exhibition will be indicated
once the film has been invited to participate in SANFIC.

6.2 Unless SANFIC authorizes it, the copy should be available during the entire
festival. The copy must arrive to Santiago before July 7, 2020. The sender
must inform SANFIC about the transportation company being used, the
shipment date and the tracking record.

6.3 The film should be sent to SANFIC with all expenses paid by the sender.
Payments at the reception end are not acceptable, unless SANFIC authorizes it
previously. SANFIC will pay for the return of the copies, excluding any additional cost due to customs duties or taxes or any other type of expense due to the returning of the copies by the film’s country of origin.

6.4 A pro-forma invoice must accompany the digital copy, indicating the
sender’s name, the title of the film, the format and the duration.

6.5 All the films will be returned within four weeks following the finalization of
SANFIC, unless other arrangements have been made. It is the responsibility of
each participant to inform SANFIC, in time and form, the devolution
information for the films (address and desired return date).

6.6 The Festival will only be responsible for the loss or deterioration of the digital copy within the limit of the value indicated by the producer in the technical file.


The participation in SANFIC signifies the acceptance of the present regulations.
In case of any conflict, SANFIC will maintain their sovereignty, following the
regulations of the FIAPF in regards to manifestations of international film.

The festival organizer is holding the right over decision making in case of situations not included in this regulation.



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