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San Benedetto film fest

Fechas Límite

01 dic 2018

30 abr 2019
Festival Cerrado

30 jun 2019
Fecha de notificación

15 jul 2019
20 jul 2019


Bianchi, 24,  63074, San Benedetto del Tronto, Ascoli Piceno, Italia

Descripción del festival
Festival de cortometrajes >5' 40'<
Festival de largometrajes >40' 110'<

Requisitos del festival
 Festival de cine
 Cualquier tema
 Con tasa de inscripción
 Festival Internacional
 Ubicación física
 enero 2016
 Países de producción: Cualquiera
 Países de rodaje: Cualquiera
 Nacionalidad del Director: Cualquiera
 Óperas Primas 
 Proyectos Escolares 
 Cortometrajes  >5' 40'<
 Largometrajes  >40' 110'<
Inglés Italiano
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Photo of San Benedetto Film Fest
Photo of San Benedetto Film Fest
Photo of San Benedetto Film Fest
Photo of San Benedetto Film Fest


Inicio Festival: 15 julio 2019      Fin Festival: 20 julio 2019

The event is a collaboration between two realities present and active for a long time on the Marche region: the Associazione Antoniana Eventi and Theatre Compania O'Scenici. Already in 2013 this collaboration has resulted in an important theater festival "And ... you're in San Benedetto del Tronto" festival of the national theater. San Benedetto Film Fest, it begs the following prerogative much Italian cinema! too often it mistreated by large distribution networks, independent film and quality. We do not place limits on themes, genres, duration of the movie, ages and backgrounds of the authors. We built a Festival in complete freedom, without any external influences, serious and fun together. A national competition with two sections: Feature Films and Short Films. A window to the real film with a space dedicated to the city of San Benedetto del Tronto. There are no entrance fees, the entire event will be free entry.



1. Purpose
San Benedetto Film Fest is a film festival whose main purpose is to affirm the "right to cinema" of small centers through the promotion of the latest and innovative productions of Italian and international cinema. Particular attention is given to young Italian, European and international authors, innovative languages ​​and projects, topics of peoples and cultures, social and civic identity of communities, and life in small countries.

2. Conduct period
The second edition of the San Benedetto Film Fest will take place from July 15 to 20, 2019.

3. Sections
The festival is divided into two sections:
a) San Benedetto in short. International Short Film Competition.
d) San Benedetto in the long. International Feature Competition for Feature Films.

4. Jury and Prizes
A commission, nominated by the Festival Director, will meet for the selection of works to be proposed. The secretary will announce the final participation in the Festival after the second selection phase by 16 June 2019.
The awards are as follows:
 Award for Best International Short Film.
 Award for the best feature film.

Other awards will be awarded at the discretion of the jury for best actor / actress protagonist and not protagonist.

5. Selection
The selection of the finalist works (5 short films and 5 feature films), which will be presented during the event, is the undisputed and insightful judgment of the Festival's direction. The list of selected works will be published on and listed in the catalog and other media, and will be in three phases:

- SELECTION OF COMPETITION FILMS: The jury will list the selected works, which will be eligible for the "Official Selection of the San Benedetto Film Fest 2019". Selected films do not have automatic access to a public screening, but they can continue to the next stage in the selection of finalists.

- SELECTION OF FINALISTS: each judge will separately view the selected films in the first phase, and will provide their own assessment; The jury will come to define the list of finalists. These films, besides being able to win the title of "Finalist of the San Benedetto Film Fest 2019", will be screened to the public during the festival days, according to a schedule that will be published and communicated to interested directors by 16/06/2019. Finalists enter the next winner's election stage, in the categories of prizes defined in the previous article 4.

- ELECTION OF WINNERS: At the end of the projection days, the jury will announce the winners in each category during an award ceremony at the end of the festival. Films and any award-winning actors will receive a prize at the end of the festival, as well as the title of "Winner of the San Benedetto Film Fest 2019". »

6. Rules of Participation
(a) For the competitive sections, all works of any kind may be admitted to the San Benedetto Film Fest. All films made before 1 January 2016 are excluded. The Management reserves the right to admit competing sections of works that by theme, duration or year of production are not within the criteria indicated. The Festival Management may decide to set up competitive subsections dedicated to particular genres, themes or authors. Presentation of world or international premieres is a preferential title for selection.

b) The registration is completed by sending the work through the online platforms indicated on the website The upload date will be credited on the on-line platform.

c) The authors of the selected works for the final stage will be required to submit as soon as possible the illustrative material relating to the film (locomotives, trailers, photographs in .jpeg or .tiff digital formats at 300 dpi), which are intended to be authorized and free of charge publication, both for the catalog and for promotional purposes by means of print media. You will also be asked to submit a copy of the film with the following features: - resolution: 1920x1080
- encoding: H.264, AppleProRes or PhotoJPEG ".

d) The list of works selected for the 2nd edition will be published on by 30 June 2018 and interested parties will receive confirmation by e-mail. Works excluded from the competition will not receive any further communications.

7 Deadline
Contestants must be submitted within the following deadline: April 30, 2019.

8 Projections
a) The schedule and timetable of the screenings are the exclusive competence of the San Benedetto Film Fest.

b) Finalists will be screened in their original language; The authors of films in a language other than Italian are required to have a subtitled copy in Italian.
For more information: E-mail:

c) The San Benedetto Film Festival will be responsible for publishing a catalog of the festival and information material on the works presented.

9 General rules
a) Participation in the selections of San Benedetto Film Fest includes a cost of € 10.00 for reimbursement of expenses, or €. 5,00 for distribution agency witch propose more works (asking a discount code).
b) Any work already excluded from previous editions of the Festival will not be considered. However, the Management may refrain from reviewing a title that has been prevented and unchecked in previous editions of the festival.
c) The application for admission to the San Benedetto Film Fest implies the unconditional acceptance of this regulation. The selected films, the availability of which has already been confirmed by the right-holders, can not be withdrawn from the Festival.
(d) The San Benedetto Film Fest Director may take decisions on matters not covered by this Regulation. For any dispute, the Forum of Ascoli Piceno is competent and the Italian version of this Regulation is valid.



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