Festival Internacional De Cine Indígena De Wallmapu ()

International Indigenous Film Festival of Wallmapu


01 Feb 2019
Call for entries

20 May 2019
Festival closed

01 Oct 2019
Notification date

05 Nov 2019
09 Nov 2019


Montevideo 0870,  4780000, Temuco, IX Región, Chile

Festival description
Indigenous Themes
Short film festival
Feature film festival

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 December 2015
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films 
 Feature Films 
 Any language
Spanish English
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Photo of Festival Internacional De Cine Indígena De  Wallmapu
Photo of Festival Internacional De Cine Indígena De  Wallmapu

Photo of Festival Internacional De Cine Indígena De  Wallmapu
Photo of Festival Internacional De Cine Indígena De  Wallmapu


Festival start: 05 November 2019      Festival end: 09 November 2019

One of the main objectives of the festival is to promote socializing and dialogue between
indigenous and non-indigenous peoples, based on respect for cultural diversity through
audiovisual production, along with providing the opportunity for indigenous and non indigenous filmmakers and video producers to exhib.

FICWALLMAPU 2018 is not a competitive film festival. However, it acknowledges the work
done by audiovisual authors who engage and excel in certain subject areas related to the
defense of the rights of indigenous peoples.

- The awards are not granted by numerical hierarchy; that is, there are no first, second-and
subsequent places.

- The Special Jury grants awards for films that have not received an award but deserve to
be acknowledged for their quality.

The most outstanding audiovisual works in the following areas will be considered:

· Indigenous womens´ rights
· Defense of the Territory
· Defense of the rights of Indigenous Peoples
· Contribution to indigenous identity
· Best Fiction
· Best Short Film (up to 15 minutes)
· Best TV Series
· Contributions to new audiovisual indigenous languages
· Indigenous film and video for children
. Identity and Culture of Afrodesendent people

In this fourt session of the International Indigenous Film Festival of Wallmapu, the
"FICWALLMAPU” award will be granted to the work that best promotes and encourages local
audiovisual production (Wallmapu).

Dhakelhn ka Mangelen (Convene and Invite)

We invite Indigenous and nonindigenous filmmakers of all nationalities and countries to
submit works on indigenous issues, gender, and individual or collective creation to the
International Indigenous Film Festival of Wallmapu-FICWALLMAPU 2019, to take place
from the 5 to the 9th of november 2019 in Gulumapu (Temuco, Región de la
Araucanía, Chile).

Rhakidhuamu Dullin- Selection Criteria

Films and videos will be selected according to the following criteria; we invite films that:

· Reflect on Indigenous Peoples right to freedom and self-determination

· Promote respect and the dignity of Indigenous Peoples.

· Depict the violation of rights, persecution and genocide suffered by Indigenous Peoples.

· Promote gender equality and the rights of indigenous women.

· Contribute to strengthening indigenous identities and cultures.

· Highlight cultural expressions in situations of disappearance and/or assimilation.

· Contribute to organizational processes and struggles of the Indigenous Peoples.

· Express the notion of development from the indigenous perspective.

· Promote intercultural dialogue.

· Promote the conservation and preservation of customs and/or traditions of rituals, stories
and other cultural practices indigenous peoples.

· Defend the right to communication and the creative use of aesthetic and narrative
resources of indigenous peoples.

The selected works will be part of the official programme of the festival and will be
exhibited in our various theaters within FICWALLMAPU 2019. Those meriting special
mention by the International Jury will be part of a DVD that will circulate and be distributed
without charge throughout different territories, Lof, communities and educational
institutions, neighbourhoods and communites, among other places.

No works that have participated in the pre-selection and/or competitive section of earlier
versions of FICWALLMAPU 2015-2018 will be accepted.


Date of production

The date of completion of the work should be later than 31 December 2017.

Deadline for submission
30 of April 2019.

Films that have been shot in indigenous languages or in other languages must be subtitled in Spanish.

The theme of the work can encompass any matter relating to culture, history, daily life,
struggles and aspirations of Indigenous Peoples.

Works that include propaganda of political parties or discriminatory content of any kind will not be accepted Length
There are no restrictions on length of production

Any cinema genre will be accepted.

There is no charge for registration of works to FICWALLMAPU 2019

To register their work, the filmmakers should fill out the form, available on our website
www.ficwallmapu.cl and follow the steps listed therein.

The registration form can also be downloaded from the website and the links provided, and
may be sent directly to the following email: producción.tec@ficwallmapu.cl
Formats and shipping

Films will be accepted in the following digital formats, MOV, MP4.

The minimum quality resolution should be 1080x1920

The works must be submitted in NTSC.

Digital shipping
Audiovisual productions should be duly identified with the name of the person or persons responsible and with the title of the work.

It is recommended that they be sent through digital platforms such as: Vimeo, WeTransfer,
among others, along with the corresponding access and the download option enabled.

The support material (graphics, photographs, information on release, promotional
materials, etc.) should be sent within a compressed file and properly identified.
Ideally, the shipment of the work and the supporting materials must be made at the time of completing the registration (via web or email).

Shipping of physical formats
Only in case that it is strictly necessary (for lack of a permanent or temporary Internet
connection), the form will be accepted printed, accompanying audiovisual material when

In this case, the audiovisual work should be sent on a DVD in NTSC. In a separate DVD,
three photographs in high resolution (250 dpi), a brief description (no more than 10 lines)
of the work, and advertising material -if there is- should be sent to promote the work once

*** The final receipt date is APRIL 30, 2019. We are grateful for all taking precautions to
ensure that the work is sent on time.

Any questions, suggestions or comments, should be sent to:

Chaltu tami allktupan ka dhuamel chi dhngu.
Thank youe



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