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10 Jun 2019
Call for entries

03 Sep 2019
Festival closed

11 Oct 2019
Notification date

26 Oct 2019
03 Nov 2019


Cine Capitolio,  46110, Godella, Valencia, Spain

Festival description
Short film festival 30'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2017
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  30'<
Catalan Spanish
Catalan Spanish French English
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Photo of Catacumba Film Festival
Photo of Catacumba Film Festival

Photo of Catacumba Film Festival
Photo of Catacumba Film Festival


Festival start: 26 October 2019      Festival end: 03 November 2019

CATACUMBA UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL is a cultural, handcrafted and resistant project that since the year 2000 is developed in the Valencian municipality of Godella and that uses as a backbone the projection of recent audiovisual works that coexist during the celebration of this peculiar festival.
In its 17th edition, the festival aims to collect independent film proposals that offer an alternative perspective created from the transversality that filmic language allows. Works that in some way subvert morality, dismantle repressions, our philias and phobias and that evidence the structural defects of the society in which we live. On the margins of the entertainment industry we will find proposals that can lead us towards different models of expression that allow the narrative cinema to return to the expressive category that it seeks to invite reflection. Possibly if it is strange is because it remains hidden from perception and the senses.
We understand that the cinematographic production is living a creative process that enhances the fusion between genres, stoking the originality and the diversity of the medium, we ascribe to all these possibilities. From CATACUMBA we want to reflect this creative reality, giving space to a greater number of works, sometimes unclassifiable, but which act as reflecting mirrors of the strange reality that we live.
In short film and feature length format you will have the possibility to feel all the fears, dreams, philias and phobias that our directors intend to transmit. You will know genres once reviled and undervalued, but that have had transcendental titles in film history and that have become authentic referents of universal filmography. Reflecting cinema of our social reality, cinema that convinces us more every day that reality will always surpass fiction.

8.- The following PRIZES are established for the competitive sections, granted by a jury formed by sector professionals chosen by the organization, the audience attending the screenings and the organization of the Festival:

a) "Golden Fetus of the Jury for Best Short Film Catacomb 2019". Official Section Statuette and cash prize of € 1250.
b) "Golden Fetus of the Public for the Best Short Film Catacumba 2019". Official Section Figurine and prize money of € 250.
c) "Rota doll to the most endearing short film Catacumba 2019". Most endearing short film section. Figurine and prize money of € 250.
d) "Award for the best animated short film Catacumba 2019". Official section. € 250 cash prize.
e) "Award for the best actress Catacumba 2019". Official Section Award.
f) "Award to the best actor Catacumba 2019". Official Section Award.
g) "Premio València Cinema 2019". València Cinema Section. Award.

The prizes will be made public during the award ceremony of Catacumba 2019. The statuettes will be offered to the awarded attendees (or the person authorized by them for that purpose) in said ceremony and in no case will be sent by mail. These prizes will be subject to the legal withholdings established. The resolution of the organization and the jury will be unappealable and may declare the prizes deserted. The prizes may fall on the same work.

The selected works, as well as the winners, will indicate, whenever possible, the awarding of said prizes or selection in possible promotions through the image supplied by the Festival.

1.- The festival is of INTERNATIONAL SCOPE. Participation in the festival is open to all filmmakers of any nationality.

2.- The festival aims to collect independent cinematographic proposals that offer an alternative view created from the transversality that filmic language allows and that in some way subvert morals, dismantle repressions, our philias and phobias and that show the structural defects of the society in which we live. Works that could be located in the UNDERGROUND CULTURE, THE CLANDESTINO CINEMA AND THE EXPERIMENTAL CINEMA.

The theme is free. The organization will evaluate all the proposals received in the same way (fiction, animation and documentary).

3.- The maximum duration of the work will be up to 30 MINUTES.

4.- To participate in the competitive sections, the works must have been produced as of January 1, 2017.

5.- Short films may be shot in any language.

The works registered for PRE-SELECTION must be presented in its original version WITH SUBTITLES in Spanish and / or Catalan, English or French if the original version is in languages ​​other than Spanish or Catalan.

The definitively SELECTED works will provide a copy with the subtitle in Spanish and / or Catalan embedded, ready for projection, if they are in other languages ​​(Mov / Mp4, Codec: H.264 - Resolution: 2K, 1080p, 720p).

6.- REGISTRATION can be done FROM JUNE 10, 2019 TO SEPTEMBER 3, 2019 through the following platforms:

Official sections of an international nature have a registration fee indicated on the platforms. In the pre-selection process, communication will only be established with the participants through these platforms. The content is private and only accessible by the festival and its collaborators. All the received documentation will become part of the festival archive. Each author, collective, producer or distributor may submit more than one work. The acceptance of participating in this festival will not entail any additional economic expense for the organization.


-Office Selection (International Competitive Officer).
Official Section of international character. Opting for all fiction, animation and documentary short films.

- Most endearing short film (International Competitive Official).
Section destined to reward originality and creativity.

-València Cinema (Competitive Valencian short films).
Specific section (the Valencian films selected in the official section also opt for this specific section). The Valencian short films do not have a registration fee through the platforms. It will be considered a Valencian short film for works in which the producer, director or screenwriter is based or born in the Valencian Community. It must be indicated in the shipment.

All the short films enrolled opt for any of the sections presented.

The organization will select a minimum of fifteen short films finalists for the official section from among all the received that will be screened during Catacumba in the month of November; a minimum of three short films will opt for the most endearing Short Film Section. The organization reserves the right to increase the number of selected short films.

9.- The author or owner will keep his intellectual right and will be within his competence so that they are not subject to any legal liability or that there are no rights to third parties.

The organization can freely make use of all the short films selected, in a partial way, to promote the FICCA'T, Catacumba, the web and / or the official blog, always respecting the author's rights.

10.- Registration implies acceptance of these rules. Any issue not foreseen in the bases will be resolved by the organization of the Festival.

11.- The organization reserves the possibility of changing said bases prior notice.

12.- For more information you can consult the web and / or go directly to



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