Mostra da Diversidade Sexual - MoDive-Se (6)

MoDive-Se (LGBT Film Festival)


19 Feb 2019
Call for entries

31 Mar 2019
Festival closed

30 Apr 2019
Notification date

13 Jun 2019
06 Jul 2019


Rua Leonardo da Vinci,  13076410, Campinas, REGIÃO METROPOLITANA DE CAMPINAS, Brazil

Festival description
Short Films
Feature Films

Festival requirements
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Any language
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- Films must contemplate the theme of sexual diversity-LGBT.

- Films must have subtitles in Portuguese.

- The films must have an indicative rating for over 18 years and deal with adult themes.

Festival start: 13 June 2019      Festival end: 06 July 2019

MoDive-Se is a short film festival and feature films in the city of Campinas, to show films with LGBT themes.

On the first edition was held in 2014, sponsored by the State Government of São Paulo.

Non-competitive festival. All selected films, upon request, will receive a certificate of participation.

General regulation

Art. 1.-The V Show of Sexual diversity (Modive-Se) will be held in the city of Campinas by the Insituto collective idea.

Art. 2.-the show aims at conducting non-competitive film sessions with works that contemplate or tangentiates the LGBT theme.

Art. 3.-The sessions will be held in the municipality of Campinas in June and July 2019. The number of sessions will be set by the organizers.

Paragraph one: the sessions, in case of number greater than one, will not necessarily consist of the same grid of films.

Art. 4th. Films may be displayed that contemplate or tangentiates the LGBT theme, performed in any period, without limitation on the time of production.

Paragraph one: Films whose language is not Portuguese (BR), must be submitted with subtitles.

Art. 5.-Entries will be made by the project website or by the platform Festhome.

Art. 6.-Entries will commence on February 20, 2019 and continue, uninterrupted until March 30th, 2019.

Paragraph one: the disclosure of the selected will be performed through the website until April 12, 2019.

Art. 7.-The selection of films for the composition of the shows will be performed by a curatorship team designated by the filmmakers. The work of the curatorship will be carried out continuously throughout the registration period.

Art. 8.-The distribution of films to compose the grid of the shows will be performed by the trustees and producers of the project, respecting the maximum approximate time of 1 hour per session.

Art. 9.-All selected films, upon request, will receive a certificate of participation.

Art. 10.-The decisions of the curatorship as to the selection or not of the films shall be definitive and irrevocable.

Art. 11.-At the time of registration, the producers shall assume any responsibility in respect of the copyrights of the films inscribed.

Art. 12.-The Collective Idea Institute reserves the right to display excerpts from films inscribed for the purpose of disclosure in any media.

Art. 13.-When registering a film, the producer/director responsible declares the complete acceptance and fulfillment of all the terms and conditions set out in this regulation.

Art. 14.-The cases omitted in this regulation will be resolved by the team of producers of the Modive-Se project.



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