Kalat Nissa Film Festival (9)


04 Dec 2018
Call for entries

28 Feb 2019
Final deadline


30 Apr 2019
Notification date

30 May 2019
01 Jun 2019


Cavour 44,  93100, Caltanissetta, CL, Italy

Festival description
Short Films 25'<
Feature Films

Festival requirements
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Online and Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Any language
English Italian
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Festival start: 30 May 2019      Festival end: 01 June 2019

Film and Cultural Association of nonprofit "LABORATORIO DEI SOGNI", organizes in 2019, the 9th edition of the competition "KALAT NISSA FILM FESTIVAL" in CALTANISSETTA [Sicily].

The festival is aimed at directors and to Italian and foreign Filmmakers, to schools, associations and companies that have produced short films.

In order to enhance, promote and spread the short film as a particularly good form of expression and the current social and cultural level; to develop the potential of the artistic languages of the new media; to respond to the cultural growth of the young emerging filmmakers, the festival follows the logic of giving the greatest possible visibility to short films that will come.

A jury will select them for various events and screenings. Photographic exhibitions, meetings with personalities from the world of cinema and various events will host the event.

For the sixth consecutive year, thanks to the collaboration between KALAT NISSA FILM FESTIVAL and the CESMA - THEMATIC GROUP FOR SONORA CINEMATOGRAPHY, the prestigious one was established:



- The Jury will award the following prizes:

- Prize "Kalat Nyssa - Golden Antenna 2017": At Best Short Film (1st Prize) € 1,000.00 (Offered by the Film and Culture "of Dreams" CL Laboratory)

- "Gessolungo Award": At the best short film section: "Free subject"

- "Trabonella Award": At Best short film section: "I different from whom?"

- "Tripisciano" Award: To the best short film "Comics"

- Prize "Redeemer": At the best short film of "Animation"

For the sixth consecutive year in collaboration with the THEME GROUP FOR CINEMA SOUND, the prestigious was established:

Prize BEST SOUND PRIZE 2019 CESMA - Lambda
The Thematic Group for Sound Cinematography (GTCS) is responsible for the research, development and verification of sound evaluation techniques for the cinematographic industry. A team of experts from all over the cinema workflow, supported by cinematic language experts, helps to prepare and publish documents aimed at refurbishing the language and the techniques of cinema.

The European Center for Music and Acoustical Studies (CESMA) is a research and teaching institution in the areas of theory, performance, technology and acoustics, based in Lugano, Tessin (CH) founded in 2012 by academics and professionals working in audiovisual fields and serving as members of the board of various chapters of the Audio Engineering Society.
CESMA offers world-class programs in Audio, Music and Acoustics Engineering. CESMA's activities include academic courses, seminars, summer workshops and concerts.
Can be able to subscribe to the Best Sound Prize 2018 exclusively the short films that will be recorded at the 8th Kalat Nissa Film Festival.
1 - The Best Achievement Award provides an assessment of the technical, linguistic and artistic quality of the overall sound of the film from direction to broadcast.
2 - The nominated film will be screened at first selection by at least one regular jury member along with students of the sound training courses of the partner institution of the initiative (CESMA of Lugano - Cine TV Rossellini in Rome)
3 - Selected films will be evaluated by a jury composed of members of the GTCS with the help of faculty and industry experts. The names of the members of the jury will be published annually.
4 - A technical evaluation will be made for each candidate film containing the motivations of the assigned score and the parameters that have determined the quality and the fruition of the film. This card will be sent by e-mail to the address communicated during the competition.
5 - Candidates will have to provide a link that corresponds to the film's vision as far as possible in high-quality sound and will have to fill in the form of adhesion properly in each part.
6 - The prize winner will be entitled, at the expense of the organizers of the Kalat Nissa Film Festival, to attend the awards ceremony (accomodation in Sicily and dinner).
7 - The choice of the winner is at the jury's absolute discretion. The jury's decision is not unreasonable and / or appealable.
8 - The winner will be given a license plate accompanied by a quality degree with the signatures of CESMA (European Center for Music and Acoustics) and GTCS (Thematic Group of Cinematography Sonora). In addition, an extensive report will be provided on the evaluation performed and the analysis of the technical and linguistic elements of the sound of the film.
9 - The winner will be given a good expense for a rental of sound recording equipment for a week worth 1000 Euros, to be spent within one year of the award of the prize for the exclusive use of film director. The prize is provided by LAMBDA s.r.l. Audiorental.
10 - For any dispute regarding the award of the prize, failure to receive the evaluation, and any questions concerning the work of the jury, as well as the request for payment receipt and tracking of the expenditure, is the responsibility of CESMA. For issues related to the festival, the presence and the questions concerning the general membership, theese are responsibility of the KALAT NISSA FILM FESTIVAL.
11 - For any other litigation related to CESMA, the competent court is Lugano and for any dispute related to GTCS or LAMBDA s.r.l. the competent forum is Rome.
For more information and to participate in the Sound Prize selections:


Prize “CHIMNEY”:
For the second consecutive year, in collaboration with the Chimney Society, to the category winners will be offered the manual "Chimney's Top 100 European Film Funds - The Gateway to European Financing"

Moreover they will be awarded the following prizes

- Best Director
- Best Screenplay
- Best Cinematography
- Best Editing
- Best Actor / Actress protagonist

- "Rosso di San Secondo" Award: Best Cinematographic Trailer -

The Short Films -prior authorization- will be incorporated in the Streaming sites and the best will be screened in exhibitions within the Association festival partners

- 4rd edition of "Tasting the Cinema" held in Varese (ITA)
- 5th edition of "Pazmany Film Festival" held in Budapest (HU)
- 5th edition of "Wama Film Festival" held in Olsztyn (PL)
- Kalat on Tour 2019
• Other sections, events, screenings and prizes may be added later.

- The registration costs € 5,00 for each submitted work and deadline is 28th of February 2019.

- The following sections are available:


- Fixed Theme: "I’M DIFFERENT, FROM WHOM?";

Prize for best short film that responds to the theme proposed,

in its broadest acceptance of differences or disabilities,

against intolerance, prejudice and stereotypes;

Fixed Theme: "COMICS":

Award for best comedy short film with an ironic comedy-style theme. The video will be awarded in the judgment of the jury it will be considered the most original for one or more aspects.


- The animated short films that do not adopt the Italian language or subtitles in Italian must be in English or subtitled in English;

- Furthermore:
For the sixth consecutive year, thanks to the collaboration between KALAT NISSA FILM FESTIVAL and the CESMA - THEMATIC GROUP FOR SONORA CINEMATOGRAPHY, the prestigious one was established:
- http://www.cesma.ch/bsp-

- Each short film must have a maximum duration of 25 minutes, including opening and closing credits for all sections.

- cathegory Trailer Feature Film Trailer Award
- "Rosso di San Secondo" Award: Best Cinematographic Trailer -
From 2018 it will be awarded a prize at the "Best Movie Trailer" for feature films of a minimum duration of 60 minutes.
For the sixth consecutive year, thanks to the collaboration between KALAT NISSA FILM FESTIVAL and the CESMA - Lambda, the prestigious one was established:




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