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LGBT Film Festival El Lugar Sin Límites


08 May 2018
Call for entries

01 Aug 2018
Festival closed

15 Oct 2018
Notification date

15 Nov 2018
25 Nov 2018


Guayaquil N9-59 y Oriente,  170511, Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador

Festival description
Short Films 40'<
Feature Films >41'

Festival requirements
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
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Festival start: 15 November 2018      Festival end: 25 November 2018

The Place Without Limits, is considered among the top four film festivals Ecuador and is one of the most important activities of the Ecuadorian LGBTI community is further described as one of the film festivals LGBTI most important in the region.

All entries must be dubbed in Spanish or subtitled in Spanish, whose main theme is about Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and INTRESEX.



15th Annual LGBT Film Festival, November 16th – 26th 2017

We are pleased to present the Rules for Participation in 15th Annual LGBT Film Festival EL LUGAR SIN LÍMITES. The non-profit film festival creates an artistic and cultural space and is considered the most important activity within the LGBTI community of Ecuador and among the most important within Latin America. The mission of the festival is to work for social equality of LGBTI people, generate spaces of cultural and social integration and develop activities that combine knowledge, entertainment and reflection of gender diversity that is inherent in any society.
The deadline for submission is August 1ft, 2017 (date of postmark).

1. The presentation of a film implies full acceptance of these rules. The following categories are accepted: Documentary, Feature-length and Short Fiction, Experimental, Animation and
Video works that have a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and/or Intersex theme.

2. The duration of submitted works is open, but for screening purposes works that are less
than 40 minutes, including titles and credits, will be considered short films and those longer
than 40 minutes will be considered feature-length.

3. The accepted formats for exhibition are:
For Feature-length works: 35mm, Blue Ray, DVD (NTSC or PAL), QuickTime, mov.
For Short Works: DVD (NTSC), QuickTime, mov.

4. The film festival only accepts works in Spanish or subtitled in Spanish. The festival cannot be responsible for the translation or subtitling of an applicant’s work.

5. Applicants can submit multiple works as long as each is submitted with all required
materials. Each submission should be submitted with:
a) A copy in any format accepted by Festival (see # 3) and a DVD copy, or two copies on
c) A CD with: Completed and signed application form, high-resolution screenshots/stills, official poster (80x60cm 300dpi, CMYK), photograph of the director, press kit and any others materials useful for promotion and working with the press/media.

6. The applicant shall not under any circumstances pay money to the Festival, nor receive compensation for participating in it.

7. The owners of the works submitted to/selected by the festival declare that they have the full intellectual property rights and any rights/ownership required to make such a
submission of these materials to the festival.

8. Once a film has been selected the copyright holder of the work agrees not to make any
public exhibitions or broadcasts of the work within Ecuador before the end of the festival,
with the exception of press and academic functions.

9. The Official Selection of the festival will be published on our website beginning on
October 2017.

10. The organizers may make extracts from the presented works (up to 3 minutes) for TV
or other promotional purposes as well as extracts for the press or the opening presentation.

11. The material submitted becomes part of the festival’s video library and may be used for
educational purposes, with the consent of the Director. The festival organizers are
personally committed to archiving the works.

12. The Film Festival El Lugar Sin Límites will award the best works for each of these
categories: Best Fiction Feature, Best Feature Documentary, Best Short Documentary, Best
Short Fiction and Best Ecuadorian Work.

13. To be eligible for the Max Awards, works entered, shall have been completed after 2016
and must not have been exhibited commercially in theaters, broadcast on TV nor uploaded onto the Internet or onto public video platforms, nor presented anywhere in Ecuador, prior to the festival. Works completed prior may be considered, in special cases, but will not be part of the official competition.

14. Shipping of films and materials is the responsibility of the applicant. Films, associated materials and packaging (such as rolls of film, cans, videotapes and cases / cartons) must be properly packaged and identified by name with all contact details. The LGBT Film Festival EL LUGAR SIN LÍMITES, assumes no liability for damage or loss of materials during transport.

15. We appreciate your help in keeping our festival ‘green’ by submitting your
application online and sending your screeners electronically.

16. If shipping your submission, it is recommended that you ship using regular mail and note: ‘SIN VALOR COMERCIAL / SOLO PARA USO CULTURAL’ (‘NO COMMERCIAL
VALUE / FOR CULTURAL USE ONLY’) on the envelope and on the customs declaration.

17. The festival is not responsible for shipments that generate fees or customs taxes, nor will be responsible for the damages to materials in the transit. Defective materials may not be considered.

The LGBT Film Festival EL LUGAR SIN LÍMITES welcomes all who work for independent film
and in defense of the sexual diversities inherent in any society.

For more information:
☎ 0999 802 279 (inside Ecuador)
☎ +593 999 802 279 (International)

Fredy Alfaro Reyes
Casilla de Correos
Quito Ecuador
Sin valor comercial / uso cultural
no commercial value / for cultural use only



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