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11 Mar 2019
Call for entries

18 Aug 2019
Festival closed

01 Sep 2019
Notification date

25 Sep 2019
28 Sep 2019


All Town,  154001, Villa de Leyva, Boyacá, Colombia

Festival description
Short film festival >1' 25'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 June 2016
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >1' 25'<
 Any language
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Photo of Festival Villa del Cine
Photo of Festival Villa del Cine

Photo of Festival Villa del Cine
Photo of Festival Villa del Cine


Festival start: 25 September 2019      Festival end: 28 September 2019

The Festival Villa del Cine is a four day experience where the streets and theaters of Villa de Leyva, Colombia become a stage dedicated to celebrate, encourage and reward the seventh art.



The general guidelines for the presentation and participation provide binding regulations for all matters and procedures from the sending of the film to the participation of a film in the festival. Here you can find out what should be completed by what deadline, what rights authorizations are required and what materials should be provided to Villa del Cine.

• BEST INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM: We reward foreign films or foreign productions in our country, in order to expand our outlook towards the world.

• BEST NATIONAL SHORT FILM: In this category, the efforts of the professionals who are an active part of the film industry and the audiovisual market of the country are rewarded, in order to bring people stories of quality and narratives of our idiosyncrasy.

• BEST PASSIONATE SHORT FILM: Cinema is a passion, we are sure of that, that is why this category rewards and encourages "non-filmmakers" who are driven by the love of art. This category is focused on young film students or other careers that have a restless mind that is expressed in an audiovisual way.

• BEST SCHOOL SHORT FILM: This category receives and rewards short films from schools where the film is part of its academic curriculum and also the results obtained from the work carried out in the "Workshops at school".


The Villa del Cine Festival was born with the promise of creating an inclusive space in the film industry dedicated to the true lovers of cinema. With the Festival we want to grow the artists and in turn highlight the culture that is generated around the cinema in Colombia, and thus build a more participatory and empowered society of their stories.

The films can be sent to one or more of the sections mentioned above. The person is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided in the online film submission form (hereinafter, "the sender") selects the corresponding section(s) during the film submission process.

Villa del Cine is a festival accredited by the ANAFE (National Association of Festivals, Exhibitions and Cinematographic and Audiovisual Events of Colombia) and is subject to its guidelines.



• Only films that have been registered can be considered for selection.

• Deadlines: (the following deadlines must be met without exception):

Submit films.

Anticipated: March 11 to May 12.

Standard: May 13 to July 28.

Late: July 29 to August 11.

Announcement of the official selection:

August 25 to September 1.

• The projections can only be made with the express approval of the corresponding section. Applications must be sent to inscripcionesvilladelcine@gmail.com

• Films that have been sent and seen for previous editions of Villa del Cine can not be re-registered.

• Short films may be submitted until August 2019.

• Films may not exceed 25 minutes in length.

• The Festival Director reserves the right to rule on any case not covered by these guidelines.

• Each sender will receive a written notification about the result of the selection selection.


Films will only be considered for selection once the processing fee has been received. A refund is not possible. The fee for the registration of a film is the following:

Best international short film:

Early: USD 20 USD

Standard: 30 USD

Late: 40 USD


Anticipated: $ 40,000

Standard: $ 55,000

Late: $ 65,000


Anticipated: $ 30,000

Standard: $ 40,000

Late: $ 45,000


This category has no cost, you must present a certificate that are students of school or school certificate for registration and send it to the mail: inscripcionesvilladelcine@gmail.com



You can register your short film through the Festhome digital platform page, Festhome and carry out the process through the internet without leaving your home and using the payment methods you will find entering through each platform.


To make the payment of both registration and accreditation you must:
Enter the value of your category in a non-bank correspondent BANCOLOMBIA to the account of SAVINGS of DARTE + Number: 192-543890-75.

NOTE: It must be through a NON-BANKING CORRESPONDENT so that it does not generate additional costs and your registration becomes effective.


Films must be submitted in their original version for the selection process. Films in Spanish do not require translation. Films in other languages must be subtitled in Spanish.

File in digital format:

The films can be sent to the festival through digital platforms such as: Drive. Vimeo Mega. YouTube (private user) or through the platforms mentioned above.

Recommendations: Do not use links that expire, that the weight of the file does not exceed 4GBs.

Other accepted technical formats for the selection exams are Blu-ray and DVD to the address:

• Villa de Leyva. Calle 5 n 10-213.
• In Bogota. Street 122 # 11D 71 apt 513.

In any case, an email will be sent with the guide number and the information required in the section DOCUMENTS, MEANS AND INFORMATION REQUIRED. To the inscripcionesvilladelcine@gmail.com email


Villa del Cine will only accept the presentation of a film if the petitioner is the owner of all rights of use of the film necessary for the presentation and use in the context of participation in Villa del Cine, as specified in the paragraph of the Guidelines general. for the Presentation and Participation, and if the sender can also effectively grant Villa del Cine these rights. Villa del Cine reserves the right to demand adequate proof of these rights and to reject the presentation by not providing it.



Only the officially selected films can participate in Villa del Cine. The invitation to participate is issued by the Festival Director or section heads, respectively.

The programming of the selected films is also done by the Festival Director or the heads of each section, respectively.

Each film can be screened up to five times during the festival. In addition, participants can authorize a sixth screening of the film selected during the festival in the corresponding section of the Participation Form.

To participate in Villa del Cine, the sender (hereinafter or after signing the participation form, called "the participant") must accept the invitation in writing, send the film before the deadline and provide the festival with documents and information.

Each film presented in the selection of Villa del Cine receives a certificate of participation after the festival.


No film can be removed from the festival program after its participation has been publicized.

Participation in the festival requires unconditional compliance with all the rules established in these guidelines. Producers, distributors and other persons or organizations that present a film must guarantee that any third party connected to the production accepts their participation in the festival. Additional terms and conditions of participation apply for the individual sections.

The Director of Villa del Cine reserves the right to decide on any case not foreseen in these guidelines.


The participant must ensure that the official logo of the festival is clearly visible in all advertising and promotional measures for the participating films. Villa del Cine will provide specific logos for each section of the program. Direct any questions by email to inscripcionesvilladelcine@gmail.com


• Press and promotional material

The acceptance of the invitation obliges the participant to provide promotional and press material, to authorize its publication for the uses established in the General Guidelines for Presentation and Participation.

• Photos, press kits, posters.

The participant must provide the following material:

• Frames and a portrait of the director, with subtitles, in electronic format (300 dpi JPG of 13 x 18 cm)

• Film poster in electronic format (300 dpi JPG of 13 x 18 cm).

• Press kit as Adobe Acrobat PDF file (maximum 3 MB). (only for National and International)

Villa del Cine will transmit this material to third parties for the editorial coverage of Villa del Cine. The images will also be used for the public print products available from Villa del Cine (festival publications) and online media (websites, apps, social networks) where they will remain available without any restriction of time or territory.

Films and audio clips for television, radio and online media coverage

The participant agrees to provide several film clips and audios for use in Villa del Cine's newspaper coverage on TV, radio and online media (including podcasts and other multimedia formats). as social media channels in appropriate formats by uploading files.

The material will be available for the press for use as a download or in other formats. Villa del Cine will make the aforementioned clips available to TV and radio stations and online media.

In addition, the clips can be used for Villa del Cine's online media (websites, applications, social media channels) and can remain available there without time or territorial restrictions.

Excerpt from the film for Villa del Cine's online media
It is possible that the participant will provide a fragment of a film of 30-60 seconds (not a trailer!) For the presentation of his film in Villa del Cine's online media.

The fragment of the film can be published by Villa del Cine for public use within the context of its online media (in particular websites and applications), without any restriction of time or territory, even in the form of a non-downloadable file (streaming).

* The participant must send the files to Drive or other means to the email: inscripcionesvilladelcine@gmail.com a week before the start of the festival.

The internal archive of Villa del Cine

In the long term, Villa del Cine must keep a digital copy of each participating film in its internal archive to keep it as a point of reference for the identity of the festival and its programming work. as well as for the profile of its sections. Films in the Villa del Cine archive are available exclusively to festival employees for internal use.


The participant grants Villa del Cine free of charge the non-exclusive and sub-licenseable right without territorial restrictions to use the film, as well as the press and promotional material mentioned above for the purpose of presenting the film at Villa del Cine, in particular for this purpose.

The granting of the following rights is valid indefinitely, but can be revoked at any time: use of the film in the internal archive of Villa del Cine; the use of photographs for the print and online public access of Villa del Cine and the use of the film extract.

The participant declares and guarantees that he is the owner of all rights of use necessary for the use of the film in the context of this agreement and that he is in a position to effectively grant Villa del Cine these rights. The participant affirms that any third party involved in the production and distribution of the film has agreed, when necessary, its use in the context of Villa del Cine as specified in this agreement. The participant guarantees that when using the film in the context of this agreement, the rights of third parties, including the people represented in the film, are not infringed.

The participant will indemnify Villa del Cine from all third-party claims, in particular from third-party copyright holders, who may pursue against Villa del Cine. Any alteration of the rights granted that the participant may have knowledge must be communicated immediately to Villa del Cine. Villa del Cine has the right to take the appropriate measures to defend itself against third-party claims or to exercise its rights. The participant will coordinate their own measures with Villa del Cine in advance. The compensation also includes the reimbursement of costs incurred by Villa del Cine as a result of any necessary legal search of their rights and / or legal defense, provided they are not reimbursed by third parties. Other claims of Villa del Cine regarding breach of warranty will not be affected.



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