KinoDUEL International Film Festival (1)


30 Jan 2018
Call for entries

28 Feb 2018
Early deadline

01 Jul 2018
Standard deadline

18 Aug 2018
Late deadline

18 Aug 2018
Festival closed

10 Sep 2018
Notification date

26 Oct 2018
28 Oct 2018


Jeleznodorojnaya,  142116, Moscow-Podolsk, Moscow region, Russia

Festival description
Short Films 25'<
Feature Films

Festival requirements
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Any language
English Russian
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Festival start: 26 October 2018      Festival end: 28 October 2018



The festival is organized by the Vyatkin Publishing House, which has existed since 2003 and is located in Podolsk, 20 minutes from Moscow. We publish books in author's gift and leather hand-made bindings, make documentaries, short-length films and presentation videos. The publishing house is a permanent member of international and Russian exhibitions, festivals and forums. The publishing house also participates in organizing charity events, psychological and thematic seminars, meetings with authors, film directors and actors.

Basic principles of the festival

Our festival will be the first to select films on the principle of a duel, as in sports. The films have to go through several stages: official selection, semi-final and final. Along with the well-known masters of cinematograph, the audience will also evaluate the films themselves.

The purpose of the festival is to stimulate young filmmakers for the new cinema, appreciating their work and to acquaint the filmmakers with Russian culture and life of the Moscow region. We accept all genres of films from all over the world and give the opportunity for new filmmakers to evaluate their films and compete with other famous cinematographers.

Films made with soul and love are accepted from the heart, and our viewers want to see films in which one can experience and rejoice, love and be inspired, think and learn, believe, dream and enjoy viewing. We welcome new ideas and forms, a new vision and creativity in all its manifestations. Films do not have to be premieres, but all the premieres will be separately marked by the organizers. The festival will show the best of the presented films for a wide audience in one of the best cinemas in the city.

We will invite all nominees-finalists to the festival. Each winner will receive a diploma, gifts from sponsors and the main prize - a 2-day tour "Rest in Russian." Each finalist will receive personal gifts. Each film that has entered the official selection will receive a certificate. Films that participated in live shows will also receive an official certificate. The prize of audience sympathy will be drawn.

Everyone who wishes by appointment can visit a press conference for journalists, excursions around the city and museums, film screenings and a round table for filmmakers. And at the end of the festival, of course, a buffet table and a photo session.

To all who want to visit our holiday, you need to get accreditation on the festival's website in advance and notify us by e-mail. We can help you book a hotel, transfer, tickets for film screenings and a gala concert of awarding winners, prepare an invitation to the festival to obtain a visa.

Also you can become volunteers of the festival. The selection is limited.

We hope that this will be an event for all cinematographers, film enthusiasts, their friends and families.

THE THEME OF THE FESTIVAL - "From heart to heart with love".
These are films made from the heart and for people of all genres, denying aggression and wars.


The opening of the film festival with a red carpet for invited guests
The final screenings
Screenings of "a single session" best movies not released in rent
Interactive app for festival visitors - children and adults
Exhibition of paintings and collectable books in the skin
Master classes by famous Directors and producers
Press conference with nominees and winners of the festival
Gala concert and awarding of winners
Photo session with the winners and stars


Best feature family film

Best film/video of young filmmakers

Best documentary

Best Short Film

Best Go-pro video

Best animated film

Best musical film

Additional prizes:

Trophies and diplomas for winners, finalists, semi-finalists, laurels for official selection, certificates for live shows and the premiere of the film.

People's Choice Award

Nominal prizes for finalists who took 2nd place.

Prizes and gifts in selected nominations from sponsors.

Main prize
The main prize is a tour: "Rest in the Russian style". Throughout the program, a group of winners is accompanied by an interpreter, photographer and organizer of the festival.

All inspired filmmakers from any country, whose interests and films meet the stated requirements, can take part. You can submit several of your films at once, paying a registration fee for each of the applications.

Films undergo several stages of selection. Each stage is covered on the festival's website and on Facebook.

Stage 1 official selection. These films participate in the further struggle for the main prize. Any film from the official selection can be recommended for live shows in the cinema. Everyone who has entered the official selection will be sent the appropriate laurels.

Stage 2 semi-final. 4 participants will be selected in each category . Any of them pretends not only for the main prize, but also for the other incentive prizes from sponsors.

Stage 3 finale. There are only two participants in each nomination who will compete for the main prize in the finals . These films are sure to be shown on the main screen of the festival. Each pair will be evaluated by two leading masters of cinema, who always have different opinions. Each of them, as in the ring, surrounded by spectators and participants, will raise a plate with the winner's number. Will their opinions coincide? Will see. If yes - the film wins with a score of 2: 0, if not - the fate of the film is decided by the third referee - the audience.

It will be a real movie duel where the best masters of cinematograph, spectators and referees come together.

For the finalists during the festival we pay for accommodation, meals, transfer from the airport(railway station), accreditation for all events of the festival.

To be among the winners, you must submit your films in HD format on the Festhome platform with subtitles in English or Russian, or register through the festival's website with a link to the file for viewing on the Internet. All films selected for live shows in the cinema (which we will notify in advance) must be submitted HD format with subtitles in Russian or English, with an attached dialog sheet in Russian. Payment for showing the film within the festival for authors is not provided.

Premiere is not required. Registration fee for participation is not refundable.

The organizer of the festival is not responsible for issues related to copyrights to the film and for the materials used in the film. Responsibility for these issues is borne by the applicant and the authors of the film.

After you submit your film, you agree that we can use your data and data from movies in social networks and the press to promote the festival and announce the film within the framework of the festival program (billboard, trailer, teaser, synopsis, press kit, a photo of the director, etc.).

For all questions, please contact by e-mail. Calls will be accepted during the preparation for the meeting of guests and during the festival or by prior arrangement. We answer questions in social networks within 24 hours.

In the Best film/video of young filmmakers category (under 16 years), children under 16 must provide proof of age-a copy of the school certificate or a copy of the birth certificate. Films sent by participants over 16 years of age will not be considered in this category!



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