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15 Sep 2018
Call for entries

15 Feb 2019
Festival closed

22 Feb 2019
Notification date

25 Feb 2019
12 Mar 2019


7,  1010, caracas, caracas, Venezuela

Festival description
Short Films 51'<

Festival requirements
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Any language
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Festival start: 25 February 2019      Festival end: 12 March 2019

El Le Prince International Film Festival, es una es un evento que busca impulsar y reconocer el quehacer artístico de realizadores audiovisuales, a lo largo y ancho del mundo, utilizando como plataforma fundamental internet.

Hoy cuando los seres humanos pasamos cada día mas tiempo en nuestros ordenadores, móviles o tabletas, es indiscutible que el futuro de la proyección y distribución de los audiovisuales esta en la red.

Es necesario sentar las bases para que los realizadores del presente y el mañana acepten los nuevos mecanismos de distribución, así como, también incorporar a la nueva generación de realizadores de forma nativa vienen llevando a cabo el desarrollo de su quehacer artístico a partir de internet.

El Le Prince International Film Festival, busca contribuir con las nuevas generaciones de creadores audiovisuales, en el establecimiento de múltiples posibilidades de construcción colaborativa de oportunidades, para una sociedad donde la diferencia la marque cada uno de los miembros que la componen.

Mejor corto de ficción.
Mejor corto documental.
Mejor Corto de Animación.
Premio del público al mejor tráiler.
Premio nacional estudiantil de video clips.
The winners of the Le Prince Film Festival in the categories of Fiction, Documentary and Animation will receive a prize consisting of 400 US Dollars in Video Editing services and subtitling process of short films (Does not include Translation of the same), belonging to any genre film that lasts no longer than 21 minutes including credits and titles.

1) Filmmakers of any nationality and / or residence can participate. The works must have been carried out between January 1, 2014 and until February 15, 2019.
2) The call will remain open in the time interval set by the organizers, and may be extended as long as they consider relevant.
3) When submitting the works to the contest, you will have to fill out a form with the author's data: name and surnames, address and contact telephone number, DNI and a brief biographical note (in the text box).
4) They must be attached: Three photos of the shooting and one poster of the short film, all in JPG format.
5) The registration fee must be paid, which is $ 20.
6) The short film must be sent to our email through a download link.
7) About registration through the distribution platforms of short films: Participants can use as a shipping platform any of those associated with the festival in which case it will not be necessary to send any document or file by mail or e-mail. Both the registration form and the associated data can be downloaded through the platform chosen by the participants.
8) The formats that are supported are .MOV codec h264, .WMV codec wmv and .MP4 codec h264.
9) The director / representative of the work must own the copyright on the images (graphic arts, archival images, works of art, etc.), the story / script (in case of literary adaptations) and sounds (musical rights) of all the pieces used, effects, etc.) that appear in the work.
10) Each short will be registered in the name of the natural person that appears in the data of the registration form, being this one the beneficiary of the prize that could be granted to him. The organization presupposes that said person owns the rights over the submitted work, so it does not assume any responsibility derived in this respect by the contestants.
11) As far as the contest is concerned, an official jury will be appointed for the awards, which will be composed of professionals from video, television, music, arts and communication. They may declare any prize desert and decide on any doubt not foreseen in the rules.
12) The names of the juries will be published on the website of the festival fifteen business days after the registration deadline.
13) The sections may be declared void at the discretion of the festival juries.
14) The decision of the jury will be unappealable.
15) The communication to the participants of the selected works will be done a week after the registration deadline by email. In parallel, the selection will be published on the official website of the Festival.
16) The organization can use up to three minutes of the works in spot or promotional videos of the Festival, without this having any relation with the selection of the same in any of the sections, since that decision is exclusive of the jury.
17) The works participating in the contest will remain the property of the organization, which may project such works in specialized centers and rooms of a non-commercial nature, and reserve the right to publish and reproduce them, making mention in this case of the author of the same.
18) Each participant may submit the number of works desired.
19) Evaluation criteria:
a) Originality: 20%.
b) Vision: 10%.
c) Technical and artistic quality in the various cinematographic disciplines (direction, script, production, photography, art, editing, sound, music, effects): 20%.
d) Innovation in any of the cinematographic disciplines: 20%.
e) Staging planned: 10%.
f) Proposed theme: 10%.
20) Short films submitted for competition in the fiction and documentary categories may not exceed 50 minutes including titles and credits.
21) All those short films whose original dialogues are not in Spanish or English must be subtitled or dubbed in one of the two languages. If not, they will be automatically disqualified.
22) Prizes will be awarded for short films in the following modalities:
a) Main Award for Short Films:
i) Best short fiction.
ii) Best short documentary.
iii) Best Animation Short.
b) Audience Award for the best trailer.
c) National student video clip award.

24) The winners of the Le Prince Film Festival in the categories of Fiction, Documentary and Animation will receive a prize consisting of 400 US Dollars in Video Editing services and subtitling process of short films (Does not include Translation of the same), belonging to any genre film that lasts no longer than 21 minutes including credits and titles.
25) As an additional prize The winners of the festival in each category will be invited to be part of our juries in the next edition of the festival.
26) Likewise, there will be a general competition in which a special prize from the public will be awarded to the best trailer, this competition will be made up of all the trailers of those registered in all the modalities of the festival.
27) The duration of each trailer must be of a maximum duration of 60 seconds exact.
28) The prize of the public to the best trailer will be awarded to those who achieve the highest number of votes in the social networks of the festival arranged for that purpose.
29) The national student video clip award will be granted to Venezuelan filmmakers who are studying at any of the Venezuelan training schools in cinematographic matters.
30) The video clips to participate in the contest must not have a duration of more than four minutes including titles and credits.
31) The registration in the national student video clip competition does not have a registration fee, to formalize it, it will only be necessary to complement the registration form, as well as send additional documents.
32) In addition, a certificate of studies, updated and issued by the corresponding institution, will be requested to those enrolled in the national student video clip contest.
33) The inscriptions can be formalized on the corresponding dates: The term for the reception of audiovisual pieces for the 2018 edition of Le Prince International Film Festival in all its modalities of Short Film will begin September 15, 2018 and end February 15, 2019.
34) Once the registration forms and the corresponding payment have been sent, no amount will be reimbursed for cancellation or cancellation of participation in the competition.
35) Bases subject to modification due to circumstances beyond the organization.
36) All participants, due to the fact that they are, fully accept these rules, as well as the resolution by the organization of any problem not covered in them.
37) INFORMATION AND CONSULTATIONS Any questions or queries regarding the call 2018-2019 can be sent to the email leprincefilmfestival@gmail.com Queries are received in Spanish. No other type of queries will be answered in this email. We invite you to be informed of all the activities of the Leprince International Film Festival 2019 at www.lepiffest.org and on our social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and paintrest.



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