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08 Mar 2019
Call for entries

14 Mar 2019
Festival closed

04 Apr 2019
Notification date

09 May 2019
17 May 2019


Calle Gerona 25, 5ºB,  04002, Almeria, Almería, Spain

Festival description
Short Films
Feature Films

Festival requirements
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Online and Physical Location
 January 2017
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Any language
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Photo of Festival Cinemegaguay
Photo of Festival Cinemegaguay
Photo of Festival Cinemegaguay
Photo of Festival Cinemegaguay


Festival start: 09 May 2019      Festival end: 17 May 2019

The international children's and youth festival CINEMEGAGUAY was born with the idea of ​​bringing the film industry closer to the younger public, so that they learn to use the audiovisual language, due to its special relevance in society and education, while having fun.

Our objectives:
To promote cinema among the youngest audience, with the idea of ​​being able to show short films and feature films made by and for children and young people.

It is a clear commitment to the cinema in the educational field, to promote the early and international level, passion and love for this artistic genre.

Prizes and amounts of the short films:

Best audiovisual project under 12 years: 200 euros in kind + statuette

Best audiovisual project under 17 years: 250 + statuette

Best professional fiction audiovisual project: 400 + statuette

Best professional audiovisual project animation: 400 + statuette

Best professional documentary audiovisual project: 250 + statuette

Prizes and amounts of feature films:

A single award will be awarded to the best feature film.
Best feature film: 800 euros + statuette.

Prizes and amounts of video games:

A single prize will be awarded to the best video game.

- Best videogame: Check-gift + statuette.

Audiovisual projects (short films and feature films) of fiction or animation divided into 3 categories:

A) Carried out by children or young people (children and youth category)

B) Performed by professionals (children's or youth themes)

C) Realization of videogames

The dialogues of the film must be in Spanish, otherwise, the film must include subtitles in Spanish.

The projects may not contain scenes or images not suitable for all audiences.

The registration date will open on January 23, 2019, with the closing and the day of delivery on March 14, 2019, for the works received by mail this date must be included in the shipping receipt. The organization only accepts the receipts a maximum of 7 calendar days from the closing date. The inscription in the festival implies the acceptance of the bases of the same one.

- The audiovisual projects must be accompanied by: DNI of the director or producer of the same, in case of being a minor, this document is accompanied by the documents of the minor's tutor; contact information (email, phone number and postal address in force); Promotional photos (of the film, posters, director, etc).

- Works whose production is before January 01, 2017 will not be accepted.

- Delivery format: Participants will receive their projects via CD, pen drive or via online (wetransfer-dropbox-google drive-etc.) To the following addresses:
Email: festivalcinemegaguay@gmail.com
Address: Calle Gerona 25, 5ºB. CP 04002, Almería

- The jury may leave any of the categories deserted and its decision will be unappealable. The organization reserves the right to change the bases.

- The works received physically, will not be returned (unless the author requires it, in which case he will bear the expenses).

- 15 days before the celebration of the festival will be announced the name of the selected works in a contest, through our social networks:
Instagram: @festivalcinemegaguay
Facebook: Cinemegaguay Festival

And by email to the participants.



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