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25 Sep 2019
Call for entries

20 Dec 2019
Festival closed

08 Mar 2020
Notification date

07 Mar 2020
15 Mar 2020


Ayres Pereira de Castro,84,  13052723, Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil

Festival description
Short film festival
Feature film festival

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2014
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films 
 Feature Films 
 Any language
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Photo of VI Fbci - Festival Brasil De Cinema Internacional
Photo of VI Fbci - Festival Brasil De Cinema Internacional
Photo of VI Fbci - Festival Brasil De Cinema Internacional
Photo of VI Fbci - Festival Brasil De Cinema Internacional


Festival start: 07 March 2020      Festival end: 15 March 2020

Established in 2013 in the Estácio de Sá University, the Festival Brasil de Cinema Internacional is considered among the most exclusive and influential film festivals globally. Through linking the groundbreaking talent of emerging filmmakers and exposing the community to the latest innovations in the cinema field, the FBCI exists as a cinematic and cultural patron. The FBCI’s objective is to merge today’s filmmaking pioneers with the wealth of cinematic heritage from Brasil by edifying and developing the cinematic community and enhancing the impact of the arts.

By bringing the entire community together, The FBCI creates opportunities for the attendees to appear at the exciting red carpet publicity events, world premiers, and screenings of numerous exceptional films and be a part of educational panel discussions, workshops, and seminars, along with special events, and VIP after parties and priceless networking opportunities.

The FBCI vision is to establish a philanthropic identity as a cultural preserver and a fortified patron of literacy advancement in the fields of arts and humanities on a local and globalized level. The FBCI aims to involve and serve the next generation of entrepreneurs, investors, leaders, and producers in its community to provide cause work opportunities; to partner with authors and educators who wish to inspire and enlighten the public in the field of arts and humanities; to create and host innovative, educational conferences, panel discussions, digital productions through partnerships with renowned institutions and organizations; to compile archival data and produce innovative material dedicated to cinematic history and theory; to recognize and reward the unique skills of emerging filmmakers; and to fulfill the philanthropic vision of its sponsors in order to preserve and enhance the culture of the arts in return.

Premios: Certificados Digitais e Trofeu Brasileirinho.

FBCI Awards: Digital Certificates and Brazilian Trophy.

Os filmes selecionados concorrem aos troféus “Brasileirinho” nas seguintes categorias:
Melhor Curta de Ficção
Melhor Longa de Ficção
Melhor Documentário.
Melhor filme “Nosso Planeta”
Melhor Filme “Mundo Animado”
Melhor Diretor
Melhor Produtor
Melhor Diretor de Arte
Melhor Diretor de Fotografia
Melhor Roteiro
Melhor Atriz Principal
Melhor Ator Principal
Melhor Atriz coadjuvante
Melhor Ator coadjuvante
Melhor Trilha Sonora

MENÇÕES HONROSAS para categorias especiais.
Os resultados serão anunciados durante a cerimônia de encerramento do FBCI.


The 6th BRAZIL INTERNATIONAL CINEMA FESTIVAL - FBCI- has as its main objective the diffusion and awarding of the worldwide audiovisual production and the meeting of professionals and lovers of cinema, enabling the exchange between producers, distributors and exhibitors, in order to promote the film industry, build an audience and bring the performers closer to their audience.

The 6th BRAZIL INTERNATIONAL CINEMA FESTIVAL - ITINERANTE - SP 2019 - will be held in São Paulo, Brazil

It is at the discretion of the FBCI organization to hold the FBCI Festival in other cities or on any other date if it deems it necessary or for reasons of force majeure.

- SUBMITTED FILMS DO NOT NEED TO BE UNREADED, however, films produced from the year 2000 will be accepted, with no limit of titles per director.

The registration fee for short and mobile is USD12 and for medium and long and series is 15 USD, through FESTHOME.

May compete:

a) Short films (up to 25 minutes)

b) Production of medium-length films (up to 60 minutes)

c) Production of feature films (more than 70 minutes)

d) TV Series Production - minimum of 3 episodes with 15 minutes each

e) Serial Production for Digital Platforms or Social Networks (without draft)

f) Production of MOBILE FILMS (without draft)

Movies must be entered in the following Categories:

Fictional films made in Brazil and abroad up to 25 'in length.

Fictional films made in Brazil and abroad over 25 'and up to 60' in length.


Fictional films made in Brazil and abroad with more than 70 '' duration

Documentaries of any length and theme, made in Brazil and abroad.

Films of any length and theme, made in Brazil and abroad that are related to the environment and the sustainability of the planet.

Animation films made in Brazil and abroad of any length and theme.

Films made by students from Film Colleges, from Brazil and abroad and any theme, FOLLOWING THE PREVIOUS MINUTES of duration.

Films made for TV, from Brazil and abroad and any theme, FOLLOWING PREVIOUS MINUTES of duration.


Films made for platforms and social networks, from Brazil and abroad and any theme, FOLLOWING THE PREVIOUS MINUTES of duration.

MOBILE - special category:

Mobile phone films made in Brazil and abroad of any length and theme.

Registration will be open from September 20, 2019 to December 20, 2019 through the websites:


The FBCI Organization will nominate the Selection Committee, made up of people from various artistic and cultural sectors who are not linked to the submitted films. The Commission's decision is sovereign and will not be appealed.

The result of the selection will be announced on January 5, 2020.

The responsible for the SELECTED FILMS must send the subtitled copy in PORTUGUESE, until the 20th of January.

The responsible for the SELECTED FILMS must send TEASER or TRAILER WITH LEGEND in PORTUGUESE - UP TO 2 MINUTES - until January 20th.

The FBCI management will establish the order and date of display of the selected papers. The selected movies will be displayed in digital media.

7- Itineraries:

Registration for the SCREENPLAY also follows the festival dates.

The registration fee is USD 15.

The Screenplay Awards will be by gender and will receive "Brasileirinho" DIGITAL CERTIFICATES in the categories.


THEME will be free.

The author can submit up to 03 scripts of any theme and in any genre.

Submission of scripts can and should be ONLY DIGITAL.

Only scripts with the National Library registration number will be accepted. We also accept Roadmaps registered in the WORKS REGISTRATION. and for foreigners the organization of each country.

Information and questions by email:

Submission of films or screenplays presupposes unconditional acceptance of the following grounds:

8.1 - ALL entries and selected entries are automatically allowed to be displayed as part of the FBCI schedule, either at the main event or at all exhibitions held elsewhere.

8.2- Participants automatically assign to the VI FBCI organization the rights to broadcast Trailers or Extracts of the selected films and screenplays (up to a maximum of 2 minutes) for dissemination of the event schedule.

8.3 - The person responsible for the film or the author of the script declares, at the moment of registration, that he / she is the holder of all reasonable rights, thus guaranteeing its exhibition in case it is selected. It further states that the materials used in the submitted film, including the soundtrack and / or archival images, have been authorized by the authors and do not infringe any rights to use third party images or intellectual property, agreeing to assume sole legal responsibility for any claim, lawsuit or litigation arising from the display or use of the works.

8.4- Competitive films may not have a WATER BRAND, otherwise they will be automatically disqualified.

8.5- The registration may not be canceled neither the films nor the screenplays may be withdrawn from the FBCI under any circumstances.

8.6- Any cases not covered by these Rules shall be resolved by the FBCI organization.

8.7- The FBCI organization and none of its members shall be liable, even in the alternative, for violations of any third party's right to use image or intellectual property.

8.8- Under no circumstances shall the FBCI become the owner of the entries.

Contact for information:



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