Zinegoak, Festival de Cine y Artes Escénicas gaylesbotrans de Bilbao (0)

Zinegoak, Bilbao International lgbt Film and Performing Arts Festival


31 Jul 2016
Call for entries

15 Dec 2016
Festival closed

01 Jan 2017
Notification date

16 Feb 2017
26 Feb 2017


Dos de Mayo, 7, bajo izquierda,  48003, Bilbao, Bizkaia, Spain

Festival description
Short film festival 45'<
Feature film festival

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2015
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  45'<
 Feature Films 
Spanish French English
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Festival start: 16 February 2017      Festival end: 26 February 2017

Zinegoak es el festival de cine LGTB+ de referencia en el País Vasco, uno de los más importantes a nivel nacional y una cita obligada en el circuito de Festivales Internacionales de cine Queer.

Nació en 2004 y en 2017 celebra su 14º edición.

En la 13 edición pasaron por sus 12 salas cerca de 9.000 espectadores sólo en Bilbao. Y en el programa "Extensión Zinegoak", ciclo en el que participaron 27 localidades de todo el País Vasco, pasaron por las 40 proyecciones otras 1.000 personas.

Se programaron en 2016 un total de 100 obras, repartidas en alguna de las 13 secciones.

- Best Feature-length Fiction Film awarded by the International Jury.

- Best Director in Feature-length Fiction Film, awarded by the International Jury.

- Best Feature-length Documentary awarded by the International Jury.

- Audience Award to Best Short Film (1000 €) awarded by the International Jury.

- Lesbianism and Gender Award (1500 €) awarded by Bilbao City Council's Area of Equality, Cooperation and Citizenship.

- Diversity and Human Rights Award (3000 €) awarded by the Directorate General of Equality, Cooperation and Civil Rights of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia.

- Best Experimental Feature-length Film awarded by a specialized jury.

- Best Experimental Short Film. awarded by a specialized jury.

- Best Perfomance in a Leading Role awarded by the Basque Actors Association.

- Best Performance in Supporting Role awarded by the Basque Actors Association.

- Youth Award to the Best Short Fil, awarded by students from different schools and studen organizations.

1. Zinegoak, organized by Hegoak Association, will take place in the city of Bilbao, Spain, in February 2017.

2. All films which have an approach into sexual, identity and gender diversity (LGTB+), which have been shot during 2015 or 2016 and which have never been released theatrically within Basque Country (Spain), are eligible to compete in Zinegoak.

3. In order to compete in Zinegoak 2016, there must be sent before December 1st, 2016:
- the competition entry duly filled out and signed or stamped by the director or producer;
- an online screener, preferably with spanish or english subtitles;
- frames from the film, photos of the directo and any other press materials;
- dialogue list in Spanish, English or French (IMPORTANT!), due to create the spanish and/or basque subtitles, if needed.

All this information can also be sent to zinegoak2017@gmail.com (exclusive for the inscriptions) or to the office address (item 7)

In addition, REGISTRATION can also be done VIA ONLINE at www.zinegoak.com or www.festhome.com

4. The list of the selected films will not become public before January 2017.

5. All films selected for competition in the festival will compete in one of three categories, depending on length and film type: feature-length fiction (longer than 45 minutes), feature-length documentary films (longer than 45 minutes) and short films (fiction or documentary films with a length of 45 minutes or less).

6. Zinegoak reserves the right to use up to 90 seconds of each film for festival promotion purposes and in various media.

7. Both, the pre-selection copies and the projection-ready copies of the film should be sent to the following address:

14º Festival Internacional de Cine Gay-Lesbo-Trans de Bilbao
Calle Dos de Mayo, 7, bajo

Or mailed to zinegoak2017@gmail.com

8. If the film is chosen for final selection, a projection-ready copy (AVI, ProRes, DCP or h264) must be sent and arrive in Zinegoak’s office in Bilbao before January 30th, 2016. Copies which are incomplete, in poor condition, or of poor quality, or in a different format as requested will not be accepted.

9. Zinegoak will not cover the cost of postage for the pre-selection copy, nor will they be returned, as they will become part of the video library of Zinegoak, thereby aiding the film’s promotion.

10. The cost of postage for sending the projection-ready copy will be the responsibility of the producer of each film. In order to avoid customs duties and delays, it is best to write “ACTIVIDAD CULTURAL SIN VALOR COMERCIAL” (cultural activity without commercial value) on the box containing the projection ready copy.

11. Zinegoak will cover the cost of pos- tage for returning the projection ready copy to the producer. All copies will be returned to the address of origin, except when instructed otherwise by the produ- cer. In this case, the producer must send an e-mail, both stating the new address, as well as authorizing that the film be returned there.

12. Zinegoak is responsible for any damage to the film only while it is in Bilbao. Under no circumstances Zinegoak will be responsible for damage or loss during shipment.

13. Prizes (detailed at the following box)
The amount of the award carrying cash prizes will be donated by 50% to the director and, if any of the winning films is directed by more than one person, the amount of the award will be split up in equal parts among the number of directors of the winning film. The other 50% will be sent to the SPANISH DISTRIBUTOR, if the film has. The awards will be paid through bank wire under the name of the winner/s before the end of 2017. If any of the winning films has had a screening fee, tax formalities or others, this fee will be deducted from the total prize amount.

15. Winners will be announced at Zinegoak‘s Closing Ceremony.

16. These rules and regulations are available in Euskera, English and Spanish. In case of any doubt, the Spanish one will be valid.

17. Participation in Zinegoak implies the total acceptance of these rules and regulations, and all decisions that could be taken by the direction of Zinegoak. No entry will be accepted without the competition entry form properly filled out and signed or stamped.



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