Festival Internacional de Animación Chilemonos (6º)

International Animation Festival Chilemonos


20 Nov 2016
Call for entries

06 Jan 2017
Festival closed

31 Mar 2017
Notification date

09 May 2017
14 May 2017


Jorge VI 753, Las Condes,  7580165, Santiago, Santiago, Chile

Festival description
Short Films
Feature Films

Festival requirements
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2014
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
Spanish English
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Festival start: 09 May 2017      Festival end: 14 May 2017

Organized by CHILEMONOS Foundation, the Festival is the biggest one of Chile and includes exhibitions, Master Class, Conference and Workshops of renown international guests.

We are a young festival, which just had its fifth version this 2016. During the last years we were presenting shortfilms and movies around the world, as well doing school, professional, videoclip contests, etc.

In our first edition in 2012 we had as featured guests the Bly Sky Studios director Carlos Saldanha, the strata-cut animator David Daniels, the animator and storyboard artists Ryan Woodward, the experimental animator Miwa Metreyek, the Belgian animation school La Cambre and more guests from the region.

During our second edition, in 2013, we counted with the presence of representatives from Gobelins, the animation studios Platige Image and SE-MA-FOR from Poland, as well featured guests such as the visual artist Motomichi Nakamura, the recognize anime director Shinichiro Watanabe, the sand animator Caroline Leaf, the recognize animated industry expert Becky Bristow and the Academic Awarded for Pixar’s Brave, Brenda Chapman.

The International Animation Festival Chilemonos will be held for the sixth consecutive year in Santiago, Chile. This celebration will begin in May 09th through May 14th, with six days dedicated to animation.

International Animated Feature Film Competition

International Animated Short Film Competition

Latin American Animated Short Film Competition

International School Short Film Competition
Chilean School Short Film Competition

Latin American Animated Show Competition

International Animated Music Video Competition


The Sixth International Animation Festival CHILEMONOS begins its call for entries for animated works to attend and compete for its many awards.

1.1 Participants can apply either in an individual basis or as a team, participants must be at least 18 years old, all nationalities allowed. Submitted works must be within the guidelines and technical requirements appropriate for their exhibition.

1.2 Participation is free of charge.

1.3 Submitted works must not have been part of the “Official Selection” in a previous version of this festival.

1.4 The call for entries is open for works in any animation technique, released after January 1st 2014.


2.1 Online application will be available from October 28th 2016 through January 6th 2017, 12:00 AM Chilean Time (GMT - 3).


3.1 Submission

The films can be submitted through:
1. Online Entry Form at the official website of the Festival.
www.chilemonos.com (Free).

3.2 Moreover you may also send your film by shipment to the following address:

Sexto Festival Internacional de Animación Chilemonos

Fundación Chilemonos.
Jorge VI 753
Las Condes.
Santiago, Chile.
Teléfono: (56-2) 8948427
Código postal: 7580165

Or, send the file through a download link by internet:
Download linkf from: Vimeo (with password), Wetransfer, YouSendIt, Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP’s privates or similar.

Once your submission has been correctly received the festival organization will send you an e-mail confirming the submission.

3.3 Entries submitted will be evaluated by the Festival Committee, composed of national and international experts in audiovisual arts and culture, who will judge and determine which entries will participate in each category.

The Committee’s decision is final and not subjected to appeal.

3.4 Physical material such as DVDs submitted will not be returned to the participants. Said material will be kept by the Festival for historical purposes.

3.5 By entering the contest and submitting works, participants agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of the Festival. Furthermore, by applying through the Online Form, participants confirm that they have the rights to the work being submitted and they agree the Festival has permission to exhibit their work at the Festival, from 09th to 14th May 2017 in Chilean territory, in accordance with Chilean Intellectual Property Law No. 17,336.

The participant also confirms that he or she has received full explicit authorization from the owner(s) of any copyrighted elements not in their property appearing either fully or in part on their Works that fall under Intellectual Property Protection, either under National or International Law. Additionally, the participant agrees that any situation arising from the use of Intellectual Property of a third party fully conforms to the terms and conditions on this document, subject to exceptions indicated in Title III of the previously mentioned Law. “Authorization of use of a copyrighted work” shall be understood as permission given by the author or copyright holder of said copyrighted work in any contractual form for the use of the copyrighted work according to the terms established by Intellectual Property Law.

3.6 The Festival shall not be held responsible for any violation of the 3.5 point, regarding the author’s rights used by the participant.

3.7 The Festival Administration reserves the right to make any decisions concerning situations not covered by these Terms and Conditions.


4.1 The Jury shall be composed of professionals of multiple areas related to the contest, including animators, producers, cultural managers, guest directors and members of international entities related to the Festival.

4.2 Individuals directly related to any of the participating entries shall be barred from participating as part of the Jury in its own competition.

4.3 The Jury’s decision is final and not subjected to appeal.


5.1 The Official selected entries will be published on 13th of March 2016 at the Event’s official website, www.festivalchilemonos.cl. Participants agrees that, by applying to the pre-selection stage, the Festival has permission to use stills and trailers (provided by the participant) from their works to promote the officially selected entries through appropriate media.

5.2 The works selected to participate will receive an Official Digital Certificate and the Laurel Leaf of Official Selection.

5.3 Authors of officially selected entries will be contacted through email with instructions related to the format, date and method of submittal of their Works to be exhibited.

5.4 Works delivered after the deadline ends
will be automatically disqualified from participating.

5.5 The final version of the work, if is not in spanish, has to be send along with the subtitles in spanish (or English in its defect). The subtitles shall be delivered separate from the video: in a text file or subtitle format (ie: *.srt )

5.6 For the participants selected, the Festival does not cover transportation and accommodation costs to attend the event. Nevertheless, the Festival can provide support letters of Proof of Selection, addressed to an institution specified by the participant. The organization will also grant all access tickets to all the events of the Festival.


6.1 Costs incurred by physical delivery of works through postal mail (both in Pre-selection and Selection stages) shall be responsibility of the participant.

6.2 Entries selected for official participation shall be mailed with the appropriate specifications to ensure their safe delivery.

6.3 The Festival shall not be held responsible for damages or losses arising from the transport of their deliveries.


8.1 The International Animation Festival CHILEMONOS produces open and free activities of diffusion and promotion of animation during the year. This activities contemplates workshops and exhibitions in Chile. The selected participants will be contacted by the organization in order to voluntary authorize (in the case is wanted) the presence of their work in the free exhibitions of the material oriented to formative audiences with little access to the Chilemonos 2017 event and thus, to excellence material. In case of authorization, the works will be part of the CHILEMONOS Festival 2017 showcase that takes place only in Chile en movie theaters, museums and libraries, between the month after the realization of the Festival and the previous month of the next edition of the event.

The participation in the Festival implies the full acceptance of this terms and conditions.

Any doubts or comments will be received in the following email: festival@chilemonos.cl



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