15 Jun 2018
Call for entries

30 Aug 2018
Festival closed

30 Sep 2018
Notification date

30 Oct 2018
04 Nov 2018


Carrera 67 # 1-45 Apto 501 Torre 1 Sendero del Refugio, Cali. Colombia.,  760035, Toro, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Festival description
Short Films >1' 30'<

Festival requirements
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2017
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Any language
Spanish English
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¥ The works should 1 to 30 minutes in length.

¥ The works must have been completed between 2017 and 2018

¥ Works must have subtitles in Spanish.

¥ Works in Spanish must have with English subtitles.

Festival start: 30 October 2018      Festival end: 04 November 2018


June 15 to August 30, 2018

CINETORO EXPERIMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL is pleased to open the official call for submissions for its 11th edition. CINETORO is a groundbreaking festival that takes place in Colombia. Our mission is the exhibition of experimental film and video and alternative presentation of moving images. Our aim is to show excellence and innovation in the independent production worldwide. We celebrate new narrative forms, the use of new media and diverse approaches to moving images excluded from mainstream exhibition circuits.

CINETORO EXPERIMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL invites film video makers and artist to participate in the shaping of our programming by submitting their productions.

We are open to new perspectives, from low budget, personal home productions in cell phones to well financed projects in all genres, experimental film, video art, experimental fiction, documentary, animation, new media with all its intersections and an especial presentation of cine horror.

We accept works with diverse challenging content but do not support works that are misogynist, sexist, racist, classist and homophobic in all its forms.

The Festival does not give prizes in money, but it does award an official statuette worth $ 1000.


The works registered to participate in the 11th edition of the CINETORO EXPERIMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL must meet the following basic requirements:

¥ The works should 1 to 30 minutes in length.
¥ The works must have been completed between 2017 and 2018
¥ Works must have subtitles in Spanish.
¥ Works in Spanish must have with English subtitles.
¥ No material will be received on DVD. You can register via Festhome or send us a link yout work with the the registration form and exhibition consent (user license) by email to:

- All works must have the rights to all artistic material that appears in the work.
- Works that are not properly registered would not be accepted.

• CINETORO understands that the person responsible for the work (director, producer, distributor) is the owner of distribution and copyrights. The festival relies on the good faith of those responsible for registration and under no circumstances is responsible for disputes over the rights of music, image or authorship of the work or the elements that compose it.

• The festival does not pay exhibition fees.

The festival will program the films, videos in the different sections, as it deems appropriate. The sections are designed each year according to the submission received. You will receive information about the sections when you get our email selecting you work.

Prizes. We have a jury composed of national and international filmmakers who meet daily to select works based on the aesthetic conceptual and technical proficiency of works. No cash prizes. Winners will received a kinetic statuette of the festival, the SANTORO, designed by maestro Carlos Santa, a pioneer of experimental animation in Colombia..

The selected works will be notified via email and published on our website on September 20 of the present 2018.

The selected works must send the following files to the festival organization through the Internet:

• Complete work in .MOV format at its original resolution with H.264 compression.
• Trailer and / or Making of the work in .MOV format at its original resolution with H.264 compression scheme o longer than 6 seconds.
• Poster of the work in JPG 72dpi format at its original size
• 1 Photograph of the director of the work in JPG 72dpi format
• 2 behind-the-scenes photographs of the work in JPG 72dpi format
• The photographs and advertising material of the work will be used by the organization of the festival for the purpose of promoting the participation of the work within the framework of the festival and the activities of the festival.

If you have any questions about the registration process do not hesitate to contact us:



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