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Dock Of The Bay


22 Jun 2018
Call for entries

01 Nov 2018
Festival closed

08 Jan 2019
Notification date

07 Jan 2019
13 Jan 2019


Prim nº59 4ºD,  20006, San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa, Spain

Festival description
Musical documentary
Feature Films >60'

Festival requirements
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 November 2017
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
Spanish Basque
Spanish English
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Festival start: 07 January 2019      Festival end: 13 January 2019


This is a festival focused on publicising documentaries dealing with the diverse world of music in all its different aspects. Dock of the Bay Festival 11 is to be held in Donostia San Sebastian from 6th to 14th January 2018. The festival will include two sections, one non competitive and the other competitive, both of them for featurelength documentaries. An international jury made up of professionals from the world of film, music and the arts will be selected to judge the entries for Dock of the Bay 11.


Dock of the Bay is an event focused on publicising music documentary film work, both Spanish and international. The films may approach the topic of music in terms of different thematic or formal aspects.


Cines Trueba and Teatro Principal in Donostia San Sebastian.


The festival is focused on disseminating music documentaries dealing with the wide world of music in its different topics and forms.

Dock of the Bay Festival 12 is to be held in Donostia San Sebastian from 7th to 13th January 2019.


Dock of the Bay will have different sections in which documentary films will be shown. Only the Official Section will be made up of films in competition, all competing for the Dock of the Bay 2019 prize for best music documentary.


The festival will feature one prize:

Dock of the Bay best feature-length documentary prize.

The international jury will award a prize of euro5,000 for the best feature-length documentary. (taxes included)

*These gross amounts will be subject to application of current tax regulations.

The winning documentaries undertake to mention the said prize in publicity, press material and in the credits on all copies, following the exact wording of the decisión of the jury and using the festival logo where

The logo will be available on the official festival website.

The Dock of the Bay cash prizes for best feature-length documentary and best short documentary will be hended over to the film maker, production company or
person entering the work in the competition. All prizes will be handed over by bank transfer after the festival ends.


Films submitted must be:

- Documentaries which have as their subject matter any aspect of the music world.

- Films entered must be premiered in the Basque Country at the Dock of the Bay Festival.

- Films are to be entered by their producers, directors or
their legal representatives.

- Only films produced after 10th November 2017 and not yet premiered in commercial cinemas are eligible to take part in the festival.

- The competition categories in the festival is only Featurelength Documentary. The festival will consider audio-visual products with a length of over 60 minutes as feature-length films.

- To be shown, only projection copies in DCP format will be accepted.

- Deadline for admission: 1th November 2018.

- The selection committee will choose the films to be accepted in the 2019 Official Section; the committee will be made up of members appointed by the organisers.

- These rules are published in English, Basque and Spanish. In case of doubt, the Spanish version is the valid one.

- Entry of a film implies acceptance of the conditions in these RULES.


Films can be entered by using the online platforms Movibeta, Festhome.
Online entries may be submitted using this links.


Documentaries must be submitted in the original language with subtitles. The subtitles may be in English and Spanish.

The costs arising from entry will not be borne by the festival. Material received for entry will not be returned under any other than exceptional circumstances.

The decision on the documentaries selected will be announced from 10st December onwards.

The festival organisers will decide the order and date of showing of each film.
Once a film has been accepted to take part in the festival, it cannot be withdrawn once permission to show it has been signed, and the supplier’s obligation to supply the festival with all the materials to ensure proper showing thereof continues.


Any queries concerning entry should be emailed to:


The jury will be appointed by the festival organisers and will be made up of professionals from the world of film, music and culture.

The decision to award the prizes falls to the jury. The number of jury members must not be less than five and will always be an odd number.
The secretary will be appointed by the festival organisers and will take part in deliberations without being entitled to vote.



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