Ecozine Film Festival ()


01 Sep 2018
Call for entries

30 Nov 2018
Festival closed

01 Mar 2019
Notification date

03 May 2019
19 May 2019


Agustina de Aragón, 59,  50004, Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain

Festival description
Film and Environment
Short Films 20'<
Feature Films >45'

Festival requirements
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 April 2017
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Any language
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Photo of Ecozine Film Festival
Photo of Ecozine Film Festival
Photo of Ecozine Film Festival
Photo of Ecozine Film Festival


Festival start: 03 May 2019      Festival end: 19 May 2019

12th Ecozine Film Festival, International Film and Environment of Zaragoza. May 2019. Organized by Asociación Cultural Ecozine and City of Zaragoza.

The Jury will award the following prizes

• Best International Film
• Best National Film
• Best Short Documentary
• Best Short Fiction
• Best Animated ShortFilm

It will be applicated a deduction on the total of the prize, according to the Spanish Legislation

The organization of the 12th edition of EcoZine gives, also, the following recognized awards (non-monetary awards):
• Young Audience Award for Best Short Film

1.1-The 12th ECOZINE FILM FESTIVAL (May 2019) will be held in different locations, being the main headquarters in Zaragoza (Spain).

2.1-EcoZine wants to promote, showcase and reward audiovisual works of fiction, animation, experimental and documentaries, focused on environmental issues, produced anywhere in the world, also promote actions and parallel activities related to this subject

2.2- Environment: all aspects related to climate change, water resources and their management, sustainable development and change, human rights and gender relations in relation to environment, North-South relations and socio-economic imbalances and other human activities with harmful effects to the natural environment.

3.1-The films must have been produced after April 30, 2017

3.2-Registration for the competition section will be done in the following sections:

• Short films, up to 20 minutes (documentary, fiction and animation)

• Feature Films, more than 45 minutes (documentary)

3.3-The call for entry is open until November, 30, 2018.

3.4- Ecozine Film Festival don´t pay screening fee

3.5-The producers and / or directors and / or distributors of the films selected will be informed before January, 31, 2019. This date may be extended according to the needs of Ecozine´s Organization.

The Film Festival just will notify the films selected

3.6-The films selected to participate in the 12th edition must send before February, 18, 2019, with the following documents:

• Filmography

• Filmmaker´s C.V.

• Two HQ photos for inclusion in web and catalogue

• Trailer and any other material available for promotion (posters, etc.)

• Films must have subtitles in Spanish, If they are made in other language. As a last resort, you have to send scripts in Spanish, English or French, with time codes for subtitles. Files .srt or similar.

4.1-An independent Selection Team will select among the works submitted the films that going to participate in the competitive categories.

4.2-It´s forbidden to participate in the Selection Team, the Official Jury and structures of the organization of the 12th edition of ECOZINE, individuals or legal entities with any connection with the films submits in the Competitive Sections.

4.3- EcoZine Festival can create parallel sections with films haven´t been selected, when They are considered interesting to screen during 12th edition

5.1-An International Official Jury will be constituted to choose winners in the Competitive Section, and all decisions will be final. The Organization may invite other independent and organizations / associations to decide any of the prizes awarded.

5.2- The Jury will award the following prizes

• Best International Film Feature

• Best National Film Feature

• Best Short Documentary

• Best Short Fiction

• Best Short Animation

5.3- A deduction will be applied on the total of each cash award, according to the Spanish Legislation.

5.4-The organization of the 12th edition of EcoZine gives, also, the following recognized awards (non-monetary awards):

• Young Audience Award for Best Short Film

5.5- Other awards can be offered by institutions and national and international organizations previously approved by the organization of the Festival.

6.1- For Festival promotion, Ecozine's Organization reserves the right to exhibit an extract from the films selected free, in cinema, TV, Internet or other public media.

6.2- While the contest is held, the organization reserves the right to display the selected films as many times as necessary. According to this point the producers will give in the rights without any charge during the Festival.

6.3- After the Film Festival, EcoZine may use the films selected for cultural and environmental programs, always with the express permission of the owners.

6.4.- The films presented can be used by Ecozine to include in our Mediatheque online. The mediatheque will serve for use in other cultural programs, presentations and festivals for educational and non-profit

6.5-Any situation omitted from these regulations shall be determined by the 12th Edition Ecozine's organization, according to general principles of law and customs of audiovisual contest or festivals.

6.6-The signature of the director/producer/distributor in the entry form implies agreement of these rules.

6.7-This regulation is in English and Spanish. In case of doubt, it shall be settled by the Spanish version.



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