Settimo Short Film Festival (4)


03 Jun 2019
Call for entries

13 Oct 2019
Festival closed

24 Oct 2019
Notification date

16 Nov 2019
16 Nov 2019


via Achille Grandi 12,  20019, Settimo Milanese, Milan, Italy

Festival description
Short film festival 15'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2018
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  15'<
 Any language
English Italian
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Photo of Settimo Short Film Festival
Photo of Settimo Short Film Festival

Photo of Settimo Short Film Festival
Photo of Settimo Short Film Festival


Festival start: 16 November 2019      Festival end: 16 November 2019

Call for entries
It's a contest of short films conceived and organized by Pro loco of Settimo Milanese (MI) Italy with the support of Semeion Theatre, Auditorium Settimo Milanese, Fedic (Italian Cineclub federation) and under the patronage of the city of Settimo Milanese.

The topic or the genre of the film is at your choice.

1000 € in gift voucher for the winner of the contest
300 € in gift voucher Best Director
300 € in gift voucher Best Screenplay
100 € in gift voucher People's Choice Award
100 € in gift voucher Best Super Short Film (max 5 minutes)

• All submitted short films must not exceed 15 minutes in terms of length (titles included) and must have been produced after January, 2017.
• The topic or genre of the films are at your choice. The films are selected at the incontestable discretion of the Jury of the Festival. The Jury can exclude any vulgar or offensive work or in contrast with this regulation

• The participants must enroll their own film by the 28th of February 2018.
• The entrance fee is 10 euros for the first work, 5 euros for the second. Every author can submit at most two works. For Production houses the entrance fee is 30 euros for 8 films. The entrance fee can be payed with Paypal (link in on the site or with money transfer to this IBAN IT09V0504833860000000010102 (causal Settimo Short Film Festival). The entrance fee can’t be refunded in any case.

• Only one work for every author can be selected for the screenings. Selected works will be judged by two Juries: a Popular Jury and a Technical Jury. The Popular jury will be the audience at the screenings.

The Deadline for short film submission is the 14th of October 2018.
The screenings will take place the 29th of November 2018 at the theater Auditorium of Settimo Milanese via Achille Grandi 12, hours 21.

You can submit for free with wetransfer to
Or with these platforms (links in the site)
• Clickforfestivals
• Festhome
These platforms have film-sending prices.
You have to send also a registration form (you can download from the site) and a synopsis of the film.
For non-italian works you have to provide english or italian subtitles.
Short films received will be stored in our archive and they won’t be returned.
The organization is authorized to screen short films in cultural events with your previous written permission.

Every author garantee that his work don’t violate any copyright and is the only responsibile in case of any claim.
Directors or Producers of short films are responsibile for their works and they declare with the entry to have fulfilled any obligations towards anyone has author rights in accordance with your state laws
The Organization reserves the right to change this regulation with previous information on our official site.

Your personal data will be treated in accordance to our Privacy Regulation (Decreto Legislativo JUNE 30 2003, n.196). Your entry gives us your consent to the treatment of your personal data.
For any information send a mail to



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