Festival Internacional de Cine de Montaña Ushuaia Shh... (14)

International Mountain Film Festival Ushuaia Shh...


16 mar 2020
Inizio delle iscrizioni

10 apr 2020
Scadenza finale


18 ago 2020
Data della notifica

17 ago 2020
30 ago 2020


Gobernador Paz 1480,  9410, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

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Photo of Festival Internacional de Cine de Montaña Ushuaia Shh...
Photo of Festival Internacional de Cine de Montaña Ushuaia Shh...
Photo of Festival Internacional de Cine de Montaña Ushuaia Shh...
Photo of Festival Internacional de Cine de Montaña Ushuaia Shh...


Inizio del Festival: 17 agosto 2020      Festival si chiude: 30 agosto 2020

International Mountain Film Festival Ushuaia SHH... is a cultural and educative event born in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. We aim to contribute to a culture of care for nature and sustainable development of human society, specially in mountain environments. Annually and without commercial purposes we set a complex program of screenings, cultural and educational activities such as exhibitions, lectures, live music, visual and performing arts, food tasting and mountain sports to highlight, build and consolidate the genre of mountain cinema in the region. FICMUS is the Latinamérica regional representative of International Alliance for Mountain Film (IAMF) networking with other Mountain Film Festivals and events of the regions to promote mountain culture.

Best Film
Best Shortfilm
Best Adventure
Best Character
Best Photography
Andes Film’s Award
People ́s choice Award


Terms & Conditions 2019

The participation is open and free of charge, for Argentinian or foreign producers or filmmakers, professionals or amateurs.

Fiction, documentary, animation and / or experimental films might be accepted and selected for competition or exhibition sections.

The works submitted may cover the following topics:

* The mountain and the activities of man in it
* The north and south pole
* Andes range
* Adventure
* Ice and snow
* Nature and Environment
* Social Life and Ethnology
* Exploration and Expeditions.
* Mountaineering

Works that do not relate to the themes of the Festival will be excluded, without appeal.

The selected movies will compete for the next awards:
Best Film
Best Shortfilm
Best Adventure
Best Character
Best Photography
Andes Film’s Award
People ́s choice Award

The ENTRY FORM must be received through the web site www.shhfestival.com or Festhome, by 2019/05/10. After this date, the Organization assumes no responsibility to preserve the film for competition.
Those interested should send along with your registration form, a download link to the film in a high definition digital media file .mov or .mp4 which will be retained for the archives of Ushuaia SHH...

Each entry must be accompanied by:

a. Film Trailer (2-3 minutes).

b. The official language of Ushuaia SHH… Festival is Spanish. The selection of the films that are not able to send Spanish Subtitle depends on the possibility of the Festival of making them. Those who can’t sent Spanish subtitles, must send the script in an .srt file in English.

c. Three or four photos of the film (300 dpi, jpg) for free use of Ushuaia SHH…

d. Foreign films must submit certificate of qualification for public display: ATP - OVER 16 - OVER 13 years. G / PG / PG-13 / PG-13 / R / NC-17/NR or Unrated

e. Technical, Reviews, curriculum and filmography of director.

In case that these items can not be sent in a download link through the submition form in the web site, you can send them via mail to info@shhfestival.com

It’s a prerequisite for registration for the International Festival of Mountain Film Ushuaia SHH... that intellectual property rights and public exhibition of the work presented are the property of the registered participant.

The registered undertakes and warrants that it has all the rights and authority to display the material and there is no legal restriction, contractual or other nature that may restrict and/or interfering and/or prevent the broadest and free exercise by the organizers of those rights and which may arise directly or indirectly as provided above, particularly with respect to the authority of publicly displaying the works presented.

The registered undertakes to indemnify the organizers against any claim and/or prosecuted against the organizers for any third party directly or indirectly claiming that the rights in the work, violation and/or interfering and/or limit and/or any otherwise injure a trade name and/or brand and/or copyright and/or right of intellectual property of a third party.

We inform all participant that the films selected will be screened as part of the 12° edition of Ushuaia SHH... Festival in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego during 2018, and will be distributed in general promotion of Ushuaia SHH... unless written objection is submitted to the Organizer in the registration form.

Ushuaia SHH... organizers reserve the selection right of works to integrate the festival's program. The board will determine which section they belong, and establish the order and date of projection.

The organizers of the festival will select & appoint the jurors.

The Jury's decision is final.

All matters not covered by these regulations shall be resolved by the organizers, if unforeseen circumstances warrant it.

Participating Ushuaia SHH... Festival implies knowledge and acceptance of all the points previously raised, terms and conditions proposed by the Organization.

Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. 2019



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