Festival de Cortometrajes Rodinia ()

Rodinia Short Film Festival


27 feb 2019
Inizio delle iscrizioni

31 mag 2019
Festival chiuso

01 ott 2019
Data della notifica

01 giu 2019
01 dic 2019


Calle Recondo, s/n Estación de Trenes Campo Grande,  47005, Rodinia, Valladolid, Spain

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Festival del cortometraggio 30'<

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Photo of Festival de Cortometrajes Rodinia
Photo of Festival de Cortometrajes Rodinia
Photo of Festival de Cortometrajes Rodinia
Photo of Festival de Cortometrajes Rodinia


Inizio del Festival: 01 giugno 2019      Festival si chiude: 01 dicembre 2019

11th Rodinia Short Film Festival 2019

First prize: 600 euro + trophy

Second prize: 300 euro + trophy

Castillian Award: 200 euro + trophy

Rules of the festival:

1-Any audiovisual piece is accepted: fiction, documentary, video-art, animation ... as long as the duration of the piece is less than 30 min.

Short films received in previous editions will not be accepted.

Short films that are not in Spanish will have to be subtitled in Spanish.

2-The short films must be sent in Dvd format or through digital platforms (digital), with a participation card (short data, address, phone, e-mail ...). It can also be sent through the registration of the short film through the different digital platforms to which the festival is affiliated: Festhome. IMPORTANT SHORT FILM DOWNLOAD LINK.

3-Depending on the short films received, we will try to project all the shorts in the different rooms. The festival will try to make a great diffusion of the shorts received. In the case of receiving in excess the organization will make a previous selection.

The projections will begin on March to before. In Rodinia we are projecting throughout the year.

The festival is divided into two parts:

- Projection of selected shorts: in each session the public attending the sessions will vote on the different shorts on a ballot that will be given from 1 to 5.

Once the vote counting is done, the 30 best shorts will be selected, which will be the finalists.

- Projection of the finalist shorts: the audience will select the winners in these last three sessions of the festival.

4- Prizes:

1st prize 600 euros + trophy

2nd prize 300 euros + trophy

Castilian prize 200 euros + trophy

INDICATE WHETHER THE SHORT IS OF CASTILLA Y LEÓN (shot in Castilla, director of Castilla y León or production is Castilla y León) and INDICATE IF YOU ARE FROM VALLADOLID.

5-The organization of the festival reserves the right to make any changes throughout the festival. The organization during the year will carry out different sessions with the short films received with the sole purpose of giving more diffusion to the short films, never for profit.

6- Shipping address and shipping methods:

By Internet: Festhome(no need to send the DVD to the festival's postal address)

Or to the postal address:

VIA LAB Co-Working - Festival Rodinia Shorts
Recondo Street, s / n Campo Grande Train Station

7-Delivery period until May 31, 2019

8-More information:

www.acrodinia.es - http://www.castrobol.org/rodinia.html
castrobolster@gmail.com - festivalcortosrodinia@gmail.com
tel. 685550722



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