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08 ago 2019
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25 ago 2019
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27 ott 2019
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15 mar 2020
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22 mar 2020
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09 apr 2020
13 apr 2020


159 Arlington Ave,  M6c2z3, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Descrizione del Festival
Festival del cortometraggio 45'<
Festival del lungometraggio 180'<

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 Festival del cinema
 Music Video
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 Festival Internazionale
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 Cortometraggi  45'<
 Lungometraggi  180'<
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Inizio del Festival: 09 aprile 2020      Festival si chiude: 13 aprile 2020

Mission Statement

TIFA, the Toronto Independent Film Awards Inc. (formerly known as Toronto International Film and Video Awards Inc. TIFVA) is dedicated to awarding and showcasing the best independent films from around the world.
TIFA was started by independent filmmakers who understand the process of submitting to festivals and the challenges met when trying to get recognition for their work by professionals in the industry. That’s why TIFA offers so much – we want to support filmmakers and writers in any way we can!

TIFA’s core beliefs are the following – Accessibility, Equality and Diversity.

At TIFA we believe that everyone should be given equal opportunities to express their talents in film. For this reason TIFA screens and awards films and screenplays from every country, in all genres, and a range of independent budgets.

To help level the playing field we accept feature films in four sub-categories based on the project’s budget so films are not competing against others made at higher budgets. We also highlight categories that are often overlooked such as experimental films, web series, animations, music videos and children’s films.

TIFA is a strong supporter of diversity in filmmaking. Everyone has a story to tell and promoting diversity in the industry can only make it better. This year TIFA has received submissions from over 40 countries as we continue to expand our reach year after year. Our nominee list from 2015 included submissions from 18 countries! TIFA also believes in providing a platform for underrepresented groups in the industry to showcase their efforts through focused panels and events such as our women in filmmaking panel and various networking events.

Each one of the 2019 winners will receive a TIFA 'Best Of' trophy.

General Rules


If your film fits the following criteria enter your film under the Festhome criteria - what have you got to lose? There are great prizes as well as audience and industry exposure for your work in a great Canadian Film event.

* Your short film must be no longer than 45 minutes, including credits.
* Feature films must be a minimum of 46 minutes.
* Scripts must be no more than 180 pages long
* All entries must follow the criteria as listed by Festhome, including the entry fee.
* All entries in a language other than English must be sub-titled or dubbed.
* All screeners must be viewable on a standard dvd- not just for play on a computer. Your film will be disqualified if not.
* You must have secured the broadcast rights for all material (including music) and cast used in your film. We can't legally screen your work in public unless these rights have been secured, and we won't (proof that rights have been secured must be supplied, if required).
* By submitting you allow TIFA to show your submissions trailer wherever TIFA decides (i.e. website and youtube channel)
* You allow TIFA to use photos and information from your press kit on the TIFA website and on other promotional material

That's the main criteria, but check out the terms and conditions below for the fine print.

NOTE: All submission screeners must be POSTMARKED BY March 15, 2020.


□ 1X DVD of your film, for selection purposes only (if not submitting an online screener or link to the film)

Please Send your DVD to:

Toronto Independent Film Awards (TIFA)
159 Arlington Ave
Toronto, ON
M6C 2Z3



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