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02 3월 2020
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05 9월 2020
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15 10월 2020

05 11월 2020
28 11월 2020


Santiago 73 5B,  18009, Granada, Granada, Spain 스페인

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Photo of Cinemística


영화제 시작: 05 11월 2020      영화제 끝: 28 11월 2020

FESTIVAL CINEMÍSTICA, a contest destined to the cinema of art and essay, to the cinematograph of transcendental, philosophical style. With a special attention to the spirituality in the seventh art, in its diverse of meanings, religious and atheists.

Participation is open to all producers and filmmakers of any nationality or origin.


The Jury could also emit "ex-aequo" de first price, and/or some special awards taking account either the relevant technical or artistic values of selected films.

1. participation

Participation is open to all producers and makers of cinema of any nationality or origin. Each author can present the number of films that they want, except for films which have previously been submitted to this contest.

2. requirements

Allowed all genres (fiction, animation, documentary, experimental), year of production, duration (short and feature films), and format of preparation.

The works for its projection formats may be:

- the works in S8mm physical format, 16 mm. or DVD or BluRay.

- works in digital format (.)MOV, MEPG-4. H264)
Participating works must be in original version with subtitles in Spanish. It may, on substantiated grounds, support them with subtitles in english or French.

The authors is responsible for the payment of copyright that generate their works.

3 registration

To participate in this contest, it must respect the following conditions and shape which is designated:

- Each participant must complete and send the registration form which you will find on this website later before September 5th 2020:

The Festival will recognize the signer of the application form as a single interlocutor to negotiate all the aspects related with the participation of his film and as only liable to other companies or people who have been involved in the production of the film.

- Audiovisual support for preselection.

A copy of the film on DVD or BluRay format, shall be sent by mail or by courier to the following address:

Calle Santiago 11
18009 granada - Spain

Transport costs, shall be borne by the entity that registers the film.

Registrations can also be made through

The deadline for reception is September 5th, 2020. Unless explicitly agreed otherwise, the Festival will not return any received DVDs. In case of refund, shipping costs shall be borne by request.

The sender immediately communicated to the Festival your shipping data.

In case of being selected, the Organization will contact the author to ask for all the necessary material for the projection and promotion of the work.

The films selected will be displayed on the times and locations listed in the program and on the official website of the cycle. Copies of the received works will be retained in the Arte7 Cinematheque ® catalog and can be used in their cultural activities.

Participation implies full acceptance of these rules.

3 deadline

7th Festival Cinemistica: September 5th 2020



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