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01 июл 2016
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30 ноя 2016
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25 янв 2017
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Human Rights
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 Январь 2014
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Фестиваль начинается: 25 Январь 2017      Фестиваль заканчивается: 28 Январь 2017

The first edition of the Diritti a Todi - Human Rights International Film Festival - will take place in Todi (Perugia) from January the 25th to the 28th, 2017.
The aim of the Festival Diritti a Todi is to promote and diffuse the documentary cinema with particular regard to the issues of human rights and networking among the directors.
The Festival is organized and sponsored by the Associazione culturale Teatri di Nina, the Demetra sas productions and Own Air srl with the support and collaboration of the City of Todi and sponsors. The festival also enjoys the support of Amnesty International and the Foundation Audiovisual Archive of the Workers' Movement.
The competition is open to movies about anthropology, human rights, war, integration, civil rights.
The Festival is divided into several sections:
- International competition documentaries (minimum length: 31 minutes)
- International competition short fiction films and documentaries (maximum length: 30 minutes)
- An overview of international documentaries, - Retrospectives, seminars, round tables.

• The Prize Mars, Best Documentary: equipped with a purse of € 500.00.
• The Targa Mars, the 2nd Best Documentary.
• Schools Award decided by a jury of students of high schools of Todi schools
consisting of agricultural and food products of the territory.

• The Prize Mars, the best short film, consisting of a cash prize of 250,00 Euro.
• The Targa Mars, the 2nd Best Short Film

The inscription of the film to the pre-selection is accepted by subscribing to one of the following platforms: Festhome.

The deadline for registration is set at 30 November 2016

Authors and / or producers are responsible for the content of their works and declare, by entering the Festival, to have fulfilled all obligations towards third parties arising from royalties.

The organizers and the sponsors of the festival are therefore harmless by proponents of any dispute arising against anyone should after the date of registration claim any rights and / or damage for participation in the single opera festival. Membership entails compulsory deposit of any material posted in the Archives of Rights in Todi with the ability to use it for educational purposes, research and promotion, even in locations and contexts other than the Festival, excluding all use trade to protect the interests of authors and producers. The Festival will act as an intermediary between the owner of the rights and distribution.



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