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03 Nov 2017
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01 Jan 2018
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01 Jun 2018
Standard deadline

31 Jul 2018
Late deadline

15 Aug 2018
Extended deadline


05 Sep 2018
Notification date

05 Oct 2018
06 Oct 2018


5340 Romance Lane,  45238, Cincinnati, OHIO (OH), United States

Festival description
Short Films >1' 31'<

Festival requirements
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
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Festival start: 05 October 2018      Festival end: 06 October 2018


F3: Frankly Film Fest is a festival that embraces diversity in film, giving a showcase to films that may not fit into the typical film festival mold. We seek to give an outlet to the experimental, the fan films, the 48 hour film projects, the student films, the films that may not have such a happy ending, the films that challenge the audience to think and feel.

Founded in 2004 by Frankly Zoe Productions as a one off festival meant to promote their Youth Summer Movie Program, F3: Frankly Film Fest screened 27 films during the 2005 festival. In 2016 Frankly Zoe Productions decided to resurrect F3 in conjunction with the Tenth Anniversary of Un-Con, an unconventional convention where all genres of fandom are welcome and accepted. In keeping with the "all genres are welcome" theme of the Un-Con, F3 is an all genre festival.

The 2016 F3: Frankly Film Fest received 685 submissions from 39 different countries. Of those 685 films, 50 were chosen to screen during the weekend festival. There were awards given for "Best Short", "Best Feature", "Best Student Film", and "Best of Fest".

For the 2017 festival F3 became a shorts only festival. The festival received 499 submissions from 41 different countries. Awards were given for "Best Student Short", "Best Non-Student Short", "Best of Fest", "Judges Choice", and "The Steve Turner Award."

Since F3: Frankly Film Fest started as a showcase student filmmakers, there is a reduced entry fee for current students who provide proof of enrollment. To be fair to all filmmakers and to avoid improper usages of the reduced fee student entries, we require those using the student entry fee to confirm their status as a student either with a copy of their current dated student identification, current transcripts, or a letter from the school on school letterhead with contact information for the person writing the letter. All student submissions will be verified before being placed in consideration and forwarded on to our panel of judges. Only current students are eligible for the student reduced fee entries. Submissions entered using the student category who do not provide proof of being a current student will not be forwarded to our panel of judges and will be disqualified from competition. Submissions disqualified can be resubmitted with either the information needed for verification or with the full submission fee.

In order to be fair to all filmmakers, no fee waivers will be granted.

Plaques will be awarded for Best Non-Student Short, Best Student Short, Judges Choice, Steve Turner Award, and Best of Fest.

We accept submissions via FestHome. Payment is expected at the time of submission. Films will not be screened by our panel of judges for consideration without payment. No refunds will be issued for films submitted to F3: Frankly Film Festival.

Films submitted as student films must be submitted by current students and be accompanied by proof of current student status. Proof can be a current student ID, current transcripts, or a letter on the school's letterhead verifying student status with contact information from the person signing the letter. Films submitted as student films that cannot be verified as such will not be placed in consideration for the festival. Films that are removed from consideration for being unverified can be resubmitted with the proper information or resubmitted in the Non-Student Short category with the proper submission fees. Student verification should be emailed to zoe@franklyzoeproductions.com or zoe@franklyfilmfest.com.

All filmmakers will be notified via email on September 1, 2018 of the status of their films. Filmmakers whose films are accepted into the festival will have until September 21st to supply the final copy and a back up copy of their film for screening. Films received after the deadline of September 1st will be entered into the next year's festival. Due to the number of submissions in the past, screeners will not be returned.

F3: Frankly Film Fest has no completion dates or world premiere regulations. However, if a filmmaker has a distribution deal, the festival must have permission (in writing) to screen the film free of charge from the distributor. It is solely the filmmaker's responsibility to provide this written permission and the filmmaker assumes any and all liability.

F3: Frankly Film Festival is not a genre specific film festival. However, it is the sole discretion of the judging panel to reject a film based on content that might not be appropriate for general audiences. Foreign language films must be subtitled or dubbed into English.



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