Zero Plus International festival of films for children and youth (7)


27 Dec 2019
Call for entries

20 Apr 2020
Festival closed

01 Jul 2020
Notification date

21 Sep 2020
27 Oct 2020


Barnaulskaya St. 92, 1/1,  625041, Tyumen, Tyumen region, Russia

Festival description
Children and Youth Films
Short film festival
Feature film festival 160'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2014
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films 
 Feature Films  160'<
 Any language
English Russian
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Photo of Zero Plus International festival of films for children and youth
Photo of Zero Plus International festival of films for children and youth

Photo of Zero Plus International festival of films for children and youth
Photo of Zero Plus International festival of films for children and youth


Festival start: 21 September 2020      Festival end: 27 October 2020

"Zero Plus" International Film Festival is aimed at:

1. promotion and popularization of high-quality films, which foster a positive, creative and formative worldview in children and young people, strengthen the common human values: family, childhood, friendship, kindness, nature, love for a profession.

2. integration of cinema and education by creating a collection of value-oriented films for carrying out educational screenings in schools and social institutions of Russia.

Grand Prix
Festival Management Award
Best film in each competition
Special Jury Award
Honoroble Mentioning

Winners of the festival receive beautiful crystal statuettes depicting a Family and 0+ symbol

The Festival invites films, which foster a positive, formative and life-asserting worldview of children and young people:

• are focused on strengthening common human values: family, friendship, childhood, understanding between people, talents and creativity, nurture and education, value of life, concern for nature, love for a profession, etc.

• put forward such human qualities as kindness, friendliness, cheerfulness, care, diligence, generosity, humor, intelligence.

• propose innovative and effective cases and solutions of the tasks in the spheres of society, culture, ecology, nurture and education, politics, economics, technologies, etc.

The festival doesn’t consider films which visualize destructive meanings and scenes regarding:

• human personality: suffering, psychological disorder, suicidal thoughts, alcohol and drugs addiction, etc.

• family, interpersonal relationships, social affairs: scandals, betrayals, violence, unresolved conflicts and dramas, careless attitude towards one another, crimes, wars, etc.

• environment: disrespectful attitude to the nature, plant life, wildlife, planet in general.

We expect from films:

- Joy, smiling, goodness

- Kids and parents finding compromises

- Friends making friendship firmer

- People valuing life

- Creativity and talents being expressed by people

- Life tasks being tackled

- Goals being achieved

- Everything ending in a positive way.

The International competition program invites:


Year of production: 2014-2019
duration: from 60 mins

Year of production: 2014-2019
duration: from 3 to 40 mins

Year of production: 2014-2019
duration: from 3 to 40 mins

Year of production: 2014-2019
duration: from 3 to 100 mins

The non-competition program invites:

• feature and short films, documentaries, and animated films of any duration and year of production, which correspond to the festival criteria.

If the original language of the submitted films is not english, english subtitles are required.

One applicant can submit not more than 3 films. The films which were selected to the previous editions of the festival cannot participate in the competition program of the 5th Zero Plus film festival.

The submission deadline is April, 20th, 2020.


The festival management has the right to provide the age recommendation for each selected film and illustrate it in the festival’s schedule and program. The numerical value of the recommendation cannot be lower than the value stated by a director or a production company.


All the films selected for the Festival program – both, competition and non-competition, with the consent of right holders, can be included in the “Zero Plus” film collection and applied in non-commercial educational screenings in schools and social institutions of Russia as well as screened online for the audience of Russian children and parents. The consent of the right holder can be confirmed in the online submission form on


The invitation of guests, the periods and conditions of their stay at the festival are the concern of the festival management. The festival management assumes the expenses on the accommodation and provision of meals for one representative of each selected film. The Festival also covers the expenses on the transfer from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to the airport. The expenses on the international trip to and from the festival are covered by participants. In particular cases the festival management may partially cover the expenses on the transfer to the festival. The management can assist in getting visas, booking airline tickets and hotel rooms.

The participants of the competition program are to inform the festival management about their plan to visit the festival.



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