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Ocejón Travel Film Festival


01 Apr 2019
Call for entries

31 Aug 2019
Festival closed

01 Oct 2019
Notification date

08 Nov 2019
10 Nov 2019


Avda de Denia 16A Planta 1 puerta B,  03749, Jesús Pobre, Alicante, Spain

Festival description
Short film festival
Feature film festival

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films 
 Feature Films 
 Any language
Catalan Spanish
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Photo of Certamen de Cine de Viajes del Ocejón
Photo of Certamen de Cine de Viajes del Ocejón

Photo of Certamen de Cine de Viajes del Ocejón
Photo of Certamen de Cine de Viajes del Ocejón


Festival start: 08 November 2019      Festival end: 10 November 2019

The Ocejón Travel Film Festival was born in 2009 in two small villages in the Sierra Norte region of Guadalajara (Spain), promoted by a small group of neighbours concerned about attracting cinema to the rural environment, particularly the uncommercial and committed cinema that tends to have little distribution in normal theaters, but almost nothing in the villages or small towns. But also the organizers wanted the active participation of the neighbourhood, in addition to attracting the attention of people from other towns, regions and cities to know the place where we lived and share experiences.

For that reason from the beginning we tried to make it with the lowest possible budget to compensate the short economic resources with the courage and will of us and our neighbors, the human capital.

Nine years later, in 2018, the festival moved to another small town, Jesús Pobre, in the Marina Alta region (Alicante), however it retains the same spirit and original interests: we want to bring travel movies (any type) to the village.

Currently the organizers are integrated into the Association of Jesus Pobre Neighbours, which has enthusiastically welcomed the project and bets decidedly for its continuity. In 2018, coinciding with its tenth edition, it was celebrated for the first time in the skirt of the Montgó mountain.

Audience Award

The Ocejón TRAVEL FILM Festival at the MONTGÓ is a non-competitive cinema exhibition that will be held on November 8, 9 and 10th, 2019 in the town of Jesús Pobre (Alicante).

1st We want to exhibit films whose main themes are trips of any nature, regardless of the footage or the format (fiction, documentary or animation).

2nd All the films submitted must have subtitles in Spanish, unless those whose spoken language is Spanish or Valencian / Catalonian.

3rd The films must be submitted to the organization of the festival before August 31, 2019. With the sole purpose of the selection process we accept the screening on-line or the transfer of the file through any Internet platform.

4th No films that have not previously registered through our registration form, or through our subscription to Festhome, will be admitted to selection.

5th The organization will designate a Programming Committee, which will be responsible for selecting the works and the program. Their decision is unappealable. At the beginning of October 2019 we will announce the selection and the program. Any film that is selected will have to be submitted to the organization by transferring a file in MP4, MOV or similar format with sufficient quality to be screened with a standard non-professional equipment (laptop computer, projector and screen in a small room), or two copies on DVD. The archives or DVD's will be sent before October 15, 2019 to: Certamen de Cine de Viajes, Avda. de Dénia 16A, planta 1 puerta B / 03749 / Jesús Pobre (Alicante) / Spain.

6th There will be only the public award, that is the mention of the best valued film by the public. The ratings of the rest of the participating films will not be published. Nevertheless everyone will receive a piece of handicrafts as a souvenir of their participation.

7th The author grants to Certamen de Cine de Viajes del Ocejón the right to exhibit the film in the case of being chosen, and the use of up to 5% of it for promotional purposes. Once enrolled and selected, it can not be withdrawn under any circumstance. The person or entity that made the submission of a film is responsible for not affecting the rights of third parties and exempts the organization from any legal liability in this regard.

8th A copy of each selected film will become part of the Archive of the Certamen de Cine de Viajes del Ocejón.

9th This event is organized by a non-profit cultural association, for that reason we do not charge entrance to the spectators nor do we have a large budget to pay for exhibition rights or travel aids, but we will provide personalized attention to each specific case; however we offer each participant accommodation and meals for him or her and a companion in our private homes or in those of neighbours of the village offered in altruistic manner (in this respect there’s not standard or categories, no stars or forks, but we grant our best hospitality). It is important, from the logistic point of view, that once we communicate to a participant the selection of his movie, he confirms his attendance as soon as possible (or that of the one in whom he delegate).

10th The participation in the Festival supposes the acceptance of these bases.

- end of the rules -



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