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15 Mar 2019
Call for entries

27 May 2019
Festival closed

30 May 2019
Notification date

22 Jun 2019
27 Jun 2019


Isola Tiberina - Piazza San Bartolomeo all'isola e altre locations,  00153, Roma, Roma, Italy

Festival description
Films directed by women or transgenders
Feature Films >30' 150'<

Festival requirements
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2016
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Any language
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Photo of Cinema d'iDEA
Photo of Cinema d'iDEA

Photo of Cinema d'iDEA
Photo of Cinema d'iDEA


Festival start: 22 June 2019      Festival end: 27 June 2019

Only films directed by women or transgenders are accepted.

price for feature films is € 25
price for short films is € 15
price for student films is € 15
price for videoclips is € 15
price for series and web series is € 25


Only films directed by women or transgenders

All genres are accepted. The lenght is accepted different by category.
Films must have been released not before January 2016.



From data emerged from the first gender study in the world of audiovisuals in Europe, carried out in Italy by Mibact in collaboration with EWA, (network of European women) in the audiovisual sector, many numbers and truths have emerged. Those data werecommunicated first in Venice 2016 and then definitively in Berlin 2016.
Women are struggling: the percentage of female directors in the world is 7%, and in the history of the Oscars, only 4 women directors have been nominated for Best Direction. And in ITALY? The percentage is even lower, although we have the HIGHEST NUMBER OF NOMINATIONS FOR DIRECTORS. THE FIRST WOMAN TO BE APPOINTED TO THE OSCAR WAS OUR LINA WERTMÜLLER. It emerges however that the scarcity of women concerns not only the directors but also other "technical" roles as cinematographers etc. communicated in first instance in Venice and then definitively in Berlin 2016. So, “Sorry, Ladies: Study on Women in Film and Television Confirms The Worst. “ as Indie Wires tells.

In the cinema there is a lack of visibility of women and issues, as well as roles that are independent of aesthetic standards and standardized roles. There is a real difficulty for women to be accepted as they are, to be heard by producers and beyond. On the other hand, it is undoubted, due to the small quantity detected, the creative capacity and the determination of the women in question, the few. So much so, as we said before, among the nominations of directors at the Oscars, Italy beats all

It is therefore extremily urgent to fill this gap with intensive communication programs, TO RECOVER THAT GAP, THAT VOID AND REAL EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES. A Festival is a small but very important starting and meeting point, for the diversification of film culture, the image of women, feminine empowerment, not only in the cinema, it's an encounter between different cultures with the same matrix: the female point of view.
The objectives of the Festival:

1. Give more visibility to women and to the cinema of women.

2. Contributing to greater awareness of the working and expressive possibilities of the female
gender through the various sectors of the film industry, also improving the quality of knowledge and life, thus creating better social security for all, not just for a specific sector of society , or a genre.

3. Promote the role of women in various cinematographies, including international ones and in the multiple arts.

4. Promote freedom of expression and speech and equal opportunities.

5. Building an image's education of this 50%, that is lacking in world cinema, for a better distribution of knowledge and work in the future, with a focus on schools and girls.

6. Create a meeting place and possibility of networking for women directors, especially European, with the possibility of reaffirming a commun identity.

7. The growth of national GDP, as a result of the improvement of Equal Opportunities, as per recent declarations by the Bank of Italy and Mario Draghi.

8. And last but not least we will do a Conference with the focus on this very important point.

We will bring the Serner case to show how much truth there is in this statement. The title of the Conference is: "7 and a half. HOW TO CREATE WEALTH. "

"Analyzing the data from a broader perspective, over the last ten years, the European Bank notes
that" the increase in the workforce during the economic recovery has been driven by female participation ".
The Festival is organized by the non-profit Cultural Association: "La Tribù dell'Arte", in
partnership with ANAC - Associazione Nazionale Autori Cinematografici and with the collaboration of other Associations.

The festival is sponsored by Anac, National Association of Italian Authors, patronized by EWA European Women Network, L'Isola del Cinema and Women in Film TV & Media Italia.



FEATURE FILMS - Feature films that do not exceed 120 minutes, including the end credits and
that are not before the year 2016, may participate in the Competition.

DOCUMENTARIES - Documentaries with a minimum duration of 20 minutes, excluding the end
credits and which are not before the year 2016, may participate in the Competition.

SHORT FILMS - The shorts can participate in the Competition with a maximum duration of 15 minutes including credits.
In special cases films from previous years may be considered.


Registration for the competition is € 25 (euro twenty-five) for feature films and € 15 euro(fifteen)
and can be done both online ON FESTHOME and by email, after making a bank transfer to the
bank: IBAN: IT 90 U 05048 03205 000000010371 specifying the reason for payment: Participation
to Cinema d'iDEA Film Festival and providing a receipt.
The documents required for registration are:
Technical sheet of the work (Annex 1 to this announcement);
Curriculum of the author;

1 or 2 images of the work and / or scene photos in digital format .jpeg + 1 picture of the director;
Receipt or copy of the bank transfer made for participation in the competition.


Movies of any kind and theme can participate in the competition if directed by women or

Foreign works must have Italian subtitles . Italian films must have english subtitles.

In case of selection, the projection formats allowed are: HD file , Blu-Ray , DVD .

Each director can participate in all categories with one film only.

Additional material related to the registered work could be required and must be sent in case of
selection to the final stage of the competition and for finalists.


The deadline for the registration and the shipment of the works to the Competition is May 5th 2019.
The Organization reserves the right to extend this date. This will be announced on the web-site.
Rough cuts are accepted until May 5th.

The jury is made up of professionals in the sector and in related areas.
Ex-aequo prizes are possible. It is also possible to assign other prizes or special mentions by the


The works that will pass the pre-selection could be published on the Festival website and on websites collaborating with the Festival.

The finalist works will be projected and transmitted during the 2019 edition of Cinema d'iDEA in
Rome at the Tiberina Island at the CineLab of the L'Isola del Cinema.

The winner for the Best Film will be also screened in Capalbio, Tuscnay, during August 2019, in
the the CapalbioMovie Exhibition.

The finalist works will be kept in our archive. The copies donated to the archive could be used,
subject to agreements, for educational, study and research purposes, for information and for the
dissemination of the knowledge of related issues, excluding any commercial use, unless it has been
previously agreed otherwise.

The authors have the total responsibility for the material shot. The contents of the works presented
in the competition must be in order regarding the fulfillment of Siae rights and with the current
legislation on copyright. For the films selected in the competitive categories no rental costs and
rights of any kind will be paid.
In case of minor participants, the application must be completed and signed by a parent or guardian,
indicating the name and surname of the participant girl.
The choices made by the Organizing Committee, the Artistic Direction and the Festival Jury are

The participants will consent to the processing of their personal data for the Contest needs only,
pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 196/2003. The participant authorizes the Cultural Association
"La Tribù dell'Arte", organizer of the Cinema d'iDEA Film Festival, to publish the images,
photographs and videos and / or videos recorded during the festival on its website, on catalogs,
and / or on other means of communications deemed appropriate, and public and private disclosure
events without anyway, however, compromising personal dignity and decorum.
Participation in the competition involves the acceptance and observance of all the rules of this
competition announcement. The Court of Rome will have jurisdiction over any dispute/conflict.


For any further information or clarification, you can contact the following



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