FESTCiMM Garanhuns 2020 ()

Festival de Cinema no Meio do Mundo


25 Oct 2019
Call for entries

01 May 2020
Festival closed

01 Jul 2020
Notification date

09 Jul 2020
11 Jul 2020


Av. Afonso Pena, 165 ,  55295-240, Garanhuns, pernambuco, Brazil

Festival description
Short film festival
Feature film festival

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Online Festival
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films 
 Feature Films 
 Any language
English Portuguese
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Photo of FESTCiMM Garanhuns 2020
Photo of FESTCiMM Garanhuns 2020
Photo of FESTCiMM Garanhuns 2020
Photo of FESTCiMM Garanhuns 2020


Festival start: 09 July 2020      Festival end: 11 July 2020

Home Festival: June 12, 2020 End of the Festival: June 14, 2020 1st INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL GARANHUNS FILM - PE

1 - Object

1.1. This is the 1st International Festival of Independent Cinema in the city of Garanhuns Pernambuco, conceived by filmmaker Lucas Marinho

1.2. This Festival will cover audiovisual productions, unpublished or not, short and feature films produced in any existing format and for any display platform in fiction, animation, documentary and experimental.

1.3 The productions will be accepted from the following year until the date of entry at the Festival.

1.4 No institutional and advertising productions will be accepted.

2 - The purpose of the festival

2.1. Stimulate and format new professionals; produce, promote and sell Brazilian production, whether or not, in order to create a new audiovisual production center in this region of the country, in addition to existing in large cities.

2.2 Increasing the tourist promotion of the city of Garanhuns and region as well as the state of Pernambuco.

3 - Registration and Productions Selection

3.1. Registration is open until 01 / May / 2020

3.2. selected of disclosure: 01/06 2020

“Seu Zé” Feature Film Award

- Best National Movie
- Best International Movie

“Seu Zé” Short Film Award

- Best movie
- Best Direction
- Best Art Direction
- Best Screenplay
- Best Actor
- Best actress
- Best Original Soundtrack
- Best sound

“Seu Zé” Short Film Animation Award

- Best movie
- Best Animation

“Seu Zé” Documentary Award

- Best Documentary Short Film
- Best Feature Documentary

5.1. The Festival is open to professionals (individuals or companies), amateurs and students of the audiovisual sector, hereinafter, PARTICIPANTS.
5.2. Theme of this 1st edition : Free.
5.3. They may not participate : Members belonging to the Organizing Committee and the Selection Committee (Curator), the official jury, sponsors, or any direct or indirectly involved integral in the production of the Festival.
5.4. subscription: A nominal fee set by the festival organizers will be charged. The production can be registered copyright or co-authored. PARTICIPANT is responsible for the description of the work (co-authored or not), with full knowledge and agreeing to all the terms of this Regulation, under penalty of being held responsible for any damages to third parties, directly or indirectly.
5.5. Post description: The PARTICIPATING after the registration of production, can not change the sheet of the same (general staff) and the like, except for duly established urgent reason. The production will be accepted in accordance with the registration form.
5.6. If the Participant fails to comply with the rule Item 5.3 will be automatically excluded from all entries without the possibility of being replaced by another PARTICIPANT.
5.7. Number of productions : Each Participant will be entitled to subscribe a maximum of three (3) completed productions and not in the process of finalization, as a producer or director. The same works will be selected for this festival, until the final stage as the judges' decision.
5.8. Running time estimation of production, including credits:
- Short Film: up to 25 minutes.
- Feature film: more than 70 minutes .
5.9. Institutional or advertising productions will not be accepted.
5.10. productions will be accepted from the subsequent year up to the date of registration.

Of the 6 categories
6.1.O festival covers both competitive and non competitive shows.
6.1.1. Competitive show: Selection films of all genres
A) Fiction
B) Documentary
C) Animation
D) Experimental
6.1.2. Not competitive show: "Your Movie on the screen!" - Criteria: publicizing the tourist, cultural, industrial profile, and the like of Pernambuco. The same will be produced by the Organizing Committee of the Festival.
6.2. Guests Movies: The Organizing Committee will select movies to be displayed that are interesting to the festival.

7 Inscription
7.1. PARTICIPANT must complete the application form on the festival site or accredited platforms.
7.2. They should be made available via the website or download, trailer or stretch of five (05) minutes for high quality production registered for use in the disclosure and related materials, as selected for the competitive exhibition.
7.3. The productions will be received within the registration period and in accordance with this Regulation. Failure to comply with any provisions of this regulation will result in the cancellation of the registration of the PARTICIPANT.
7.4. On the site www.festgan.eu.org the PARTICIPANT should fill the registration form and attachments by specifying the indicative classification of the production, content and other information, following the standards of the new indicative classification.
7.5. Registrations and submission of productions should be sent, RATHER through online via the Festival website.
7.6. Submission of Online media:
7.6.1. The archives of the productions entered in the Festival of the site should be sent in the following platform
video sharing: Google Drive, Mega, Vimeo, Dropox, or another of your choice. If there are passwords
access should be timely informed on the registration form, and maintained until December 2018. If there are changes, the PARTICIPANT shall report at the earliest opportunity.
7.6.2. Productions will be accepted on file in the formats : Full HD or HD, and MP4 format. The film's name must also be included in the file.
7.6.3. The file size should not exceed the 20GB limit.
7.6.4. A copy of the production should be able to be displayed, otherwise the Participant will be excluded from the selection process.
7.6.5. download:if there is any problem with the file, the Organizing Committee may request the referral of another copy of the production, including the date of registration of the same. PARTICIPANT will have a maximum of 48 (forty-eight) hours to send production via link via email.
7.7. If there is any unforeseen in order of production, it must be resolved between the parties, at the earliest opportunity.
7.8. If there is more than one registered production duly completed separately, the files should be sent, too, individually.
7.9. On the day of registration should also be sent the corresponding files, and after evaluation, the PARTICIPANT will receive a confirmation of receipt via email.
7.10. PARTICIPANTS minors: only participate by signing the parent or legal guardian, the authorization term.
7.11. PARTICIPANT responsible only and exclusively by the copyright and full right (s) output (s) entered (s) as well as for any claim of any kind or lawsuits by third parties with respect to them. Found any irregularity of the PARTICIPANT, this will be disqualified, with no right to any appeal.
7.12. With the properly completed application, the site automatically confirm receipt of the same through an email, which will also serve as proof of registration.

8- The Preselection
8.1. The evaluation of the videos will be held by invited professionals, linked to the arts, communication, cinema, travel and photography.
8.2. The good quality of the material sent by the PARTICIPANT is important for the analysis of pre-selection.
8.3. In this first stage the best productions in qualifying scores will be selected. The number of films to be shown at the Festival should be adapted to the four - day schedule (12 to 14 June 2020).
8.4. The list of qualified for the knockout stage will be disclosed in the Festival site and communicated via the selected email. They will be invited to participate in the exhibition sessions and Festival awards ceremony. Transfer costs, food and lodging, will be defined by the Organizing Committee of the Festival, as the financial structure available.
8.5. Decision of the Jury: It will be sovereign and can not be appealed or any questioning regarding the criteria used in the pre-selection and final selection.
8.6. The registered productions:The registered and sent to the Festival materials will be part of its collection and can be used in public cultural exhibitions, free in disclosure in any media, non-commercial purposes. PARTICIPANT, upon registration, agrees and authorizes the use of its products, without representing any expenses whatsoever to image use, copyrights and related to the Festival, at any time, without limitation of number of views, and without any compensation to the PARTICIPANT.

9 Contest
9.1. The selected films will be shown at another festival in Brazil during the period of this festival. And provided they do not generate conflict between the parties of any kind, under penalty of being excluded from it.

10. Of Selected Finalists
10.1. The finalists production of the 1st International Festival of Garanhuns Film will be presented and defined by categories by the Organizing Committee of the Festival.
10.2. Schedule: Following the announcement of the finalists, the official program will be announced in www.festgan.eu.org site

11 - The Award
11.1. Jurado Technical: The Selection Committee will be composed of six judges selected by the Commission
Organizing, which will evaluate the productions with a score of one (1) to ten (10) to be displayed in the sessions
11.2. Official Jury : Selected shown films in the competitive sessions, compete for awards set by
choice of the official jury. The same is composed of five judges, who will evaluate the productions
11.3. In addition to the trophy may be other awards and mentions, according to the discretion of the Organizing Committee, and
due to partnerships and / or sponsorships. Having prize money, will be subject to taxation legislation
current. All such information will be disclosed in the Festival site.

12 - The Ticket
12.1. The Organizing Committee of the Festival will not effect the collection of public ticket on display sessions. And so available, for free, the participation of the whole community in general, and will be made
according to order of arrival. The participation of school groups, college students, etc., will be properly
planned in advance.

13. Final Provisions
13.1. It will be up to the Festival Organizing Committee to reserve the right to make or decide any change in the overall development of the same.
13.2. The Organizing Committee of the Festival only be responsible for transfer expenses, lodging and meals for participants and guests, according to the availability of funds and with which it has committed in writing.
13.3. The Organizing Committee is not responsible for returns, consequential, loss, and other expenses
arising from the sending of the material for the registration of the PARTICIPANT and production (s).
13.4. Any attitude of the PARTICIPANT at the expense of this Regulation, will result in their automatic exclusion from the Festival.
13.5. Decisions of pickers commissions and awards will be sovereign, against which there shall be no appeal.
13.6. Every film selected and included in the Festival's program can not be removed except by the very Organizing Committee.
13.7. The registration of the PARTICIPANT at the Festival sets up your automatic agreement with the completion of this Regulation.
13.8. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to extend or not the application deadline of productions, disqualify films already announced part of the programming, and change other eventualities.
13.9. Any unforeseen or missing issues arising from this Festival, will be properly resolved by the Organizing Committee, and its sovereign decision.



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