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06 Jun 2018
Call for entries

08 Jul 2018
Festival closed

26 Aug 2018
Notification date

26 Sep 2018
30 Sep 2018


-,  2340000, Valparaíso, Valparaíso, Chile

Festival description
Short film festival
Feature film festival

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 National Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2017
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films 
 Feature Films 
 Any language
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Photo of DocsBarcelona Valparaíso | Festival Internacional De Cine Documental
Photo of DocsBarcelona Valparaíso | Festival Internacional De Cine Documental
Photo of DocsBarcelona Valparaíso | Festival Internacional De Cine Documental
Photo of DocsBarcelona Valparaíso | Festival Internacional De Cine Documental


Festival start: 26 September 2018      Festival end: 30 September 2018

DocsBarcelona Valparaíso International Documentary Film Festival is part of the DocsBarcelona's 3 festivals network that takes place in the cities of Barcelona, Medellín and Valparaíso. The production and development of DocsBarcelona Valparaíso is leaded by the SurDocs team that produced a very important festival in the south of Chile (Puerto Varas) for more than 12 years.

The main goal of the Valparaíso festival is to become one of the leading documentary festivals of Latin America in a medium term by developing the areas of expertise of DocsBarcelona: industry and professional training.

The Festival takes place in the cultural capital and most dynamic city of Chile; Valparaíso.

During the festival there will be screened national and international films, workshops, laboratories, conferences and professional exchange. We will explore new ways and formats to develop documentaries through the InterDocs meeting, a professional event designed to understand, disseminate, create, finance and exhibit the interactive documentary. We also develop distribution, commercialization and internationalization of documentaries through the DocsBarcelona del Mes initiative, which acts as the extension of DocsBarcelona along the year and across the territory. Its aim is to bring the documentary cinema closer to people. Every month we release a documentary film about different subjects and origins, in over 90 venues in Spain, Chile and Colombia.

Every edition of DocsBarcelona Valparaíso has the goal of becoming a portrait of society while entertaining, awakening and enriching the dialog through the audience, media, institutions and professionals. We want to make the experience of watching documentaries a tool for social empowerment and change.

(1) DocsBarcelona Valparaíso Award for the Best Chilean Documentary (generation of a DCP Master provided by Kiné Imágenes). Film Features and Short Films run for this award.

(2) DocsBarcelona del Mes Award (distribution in 14 chilean venues during December 2018 + exhibition rights payment for a gross amount of 1.400.000 CLP. + being part of the DocsBarcelona (Spain) 2019 competition. Only Film Features run for this award.

(3) Audience Award granted by the audience of the festival. Film Features and Short Films run for this award.


Only for chilean directors and/or producers. Also for legal residents in Chile (must accredit chilean residence).


Documentary films that can submit must meet the following criteria:
- Chilean directors and/or producers or legal residents in Chile (must accredit legal residence).
- Produced later than January 2017 and before July 2018.

There will be accepted submissions for short films and feature films.
• Short Films: documentary works that last a maximum of 40 minutes.
• Feature Films: documentary works that last a minimum of 40 minutes.

Academic works are not accepted. Postgraduate works can exceptionally submit if the festival considers relevant its participation. Write an email to to discuss these specific cases.


The films that can submit must be considered documentaries given their content without thematic restriction. Fiction works are expressly excluded.


Films submitted can be spoken in any language or be silent. In case the spoken and/or written language is not Spanish, they must have Spanish subtitles.


Films must meet the following criteria:
- they can be considered documentaries given their content.
- they are produced after January 2017
- they have not commercially premiered in Chile
- they have not premiered on VOD in Chile
- they have not been broadcasted on television in Chile
- the submission attaches the previous and upcoming festivals or exhibition circuits within the film was or will be screened or broadcasted.
- that present official accreditation of legal residence in Chile of the director and/or producer in case none of them has Chilean nationality.


To submit a film to the Festival the only procedure accepted is to upload the documentaries to the platform (which also allows Vimeo and YouTube links). DVDs or other physical formats will not be accepted.

The FestHome’s submission link for DocsBarcelona Valparaíso is the following:


Submission form deadline: July 6th, 2018


When a film selected, the festival will notify the applicant no later than August 20th through FestHome. Selected films will have 5 days to confirm their participation writing an email to attaching the following items:

- A photography of the director(s) in High Resolution
- A photography of the Identity Card of all the directors
- 3 frames of the film in High Resolution
- A brief review of the film with minimum 300 and maximum 400 characters (for the official programma) and another review of minimum 600 and maximum 900 (for the Festival’s website).
- The Subject of the email must be the following (capital letters): CONFIRMACIÓN COMPETENCIA NACIONAL

The authors will have maximum time until September 1st to send to the organization 2 copies of a Blu-ray of the film or a hard disk that contains a file of the film in Quicktime Apple ProRes 422 format (or higher) with a 1080p resolution.

In case a selected author does not accomplish the copies sending deadlines, the festival can cancel the film participation in the festival.

When a film is selected, the authors cannot retire it from the programma and must allow the use of its filmic material for the festival needs such as advertising, website, newspapers, radio and social media in general.


The organization can return the submitted material if the authors request it. The returning of the materials will not be made before 30 days from the ending of the festival.


Works selected for the festival will be exhibited in public during DocsBarcelona Valparaíso 2018.


The documentaries selected will run for the following awards:

(1) DocsBarcelona Valparaíso Award for the Best Chilean Documentary granted by the festival’s jury consisting of the generation of a DCP (Digital Cinema Package), professional digital exhibition file provided by the post-production agency, Kiné Imágenes, which must be exchanged before the next version 2019 of the festival. Film Features and Short Films run for this award.

(2) DocsBarcelona del Mes Award granted by its programming commission consisting in being part of the grid of the DocsBarcelona del Mes initiative. This means being exhibited in 14 venues along Chile during the month of December 2018 which includes a payment for exhibition rights for a gross amount of $ 1.400.000 CLP. One screening for each venue. Only Film Features run for this award.

The organization will take charge of making the copies, sending and returning them, and the necessary diffusion and production tasks. To make possible to the organization of taking charge of these chores, the winner of the award must deliver the film masters in DVD and Blu-ray formats. The exhibitions in these venues will be in Blu-ray format (and in special scenarios in which there are not available the necessary equipment for screening in Blu-ray, the exhibition will be in DVD format).

In addition, the winning documentary of this award will automatically step into the Latitude Competitive Section of the DocsBarcelona International Documentary Film Festival that will take place in Barcelona, Spain on May 2019. This Section groups a selection of the best documentaries of the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America.

(3) Audience Award given to the film with a highest score from audience votes. Film Features and Short Films run for this award.

The competing documentaries can be winners of more than one award in case the jury agrees to.

DocsBarcelona Valparaíso reserves the right to incorporate new awards.


Questions concerning regulations and/or submission process should be directed to:

For more information go to



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