AMOR Festival Internacional de Cine LGBT+ (5)

AMOR LGBT+ International Film Festival


10 Mar 2020
Call for entries

10 Apr 2020
Festival closed

20 May 2020
Notification date

23 Jun 2020
28 Jun 2020


Victor Hendrich 361, Providencoa,  7501401, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Festival description
Short film festival 30'<
Feature film festival >60'

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 January 2018
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  30'<
 Feature Films  >60'
 Any language
Spanish English Portuguese
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Photo of AMOR Festival Internacional de Cine LGBT+
Photo of AMOR Festival Internacional de Cine LGBT+

Photo of AMOR Festival Internacional de Cine LGBT+
Photo of AMOR Festival Internacional de Cine LGBT+


Festival start: 23 June 2020      Festival end: 28 June 2020

It is the first international LGBT+ film festival of independent scope that take place in Santiago, Chile from 2016.

Focusing on quality over quantity and aiming to show the most interesting and unique titles depicting sexual diversity, this event is meant to be an inclusive space, where the programme invites different sectors of society to get close to LGBT+ topics via the movies.

It has 5 sections that manage to synthesize a plural offer in themes, combining international premieres with national pre premieres, and consecrated directors with new talents.

Love is completely transversal to any sexuality, so we believe that with AMOR (the spanish word for love) we will help to contribute to the normalization and acceptation of sexual diversity, vindicating the rights of human beings, and enhancing understanding while celebrating the visibility of sexualities through cinema.

International Competition

Guerrilla Competition

Chilean Panorama

International Panorama


Jury Award International Competition

Award of the Public International Competition

Jury Award Guerrilla Competition

Award of the Public Guerrilla Competition

AMOR International LGBT+ Film Festival

AMOR International LGBT+ Film Festival is the first international film festival in Santiago of Chile focused on the subject of sexual and gender diversity, of independent and competitive nature. The fifth edition of AMOR Festival will take place from June 23th to June 28th, 2020.

Giving priority to quality over quantity and looking forward to exhibit the most interesting and singular titles that expose the sexual diversity, the scheduling invites different sectors of society to get close to the LGBT+ themed cinema.

Love is totally transverse to any sexuality, so with AMOR we hope to contribute to the inclusion of sexual diversity, to strengthen understanding and to celebrate the visibility of sexualities through the seventh art.

In this fifth edition, AMOR has an international competition of films, an international competition of short films, and three non-competitive sections.

a. International Competition: Feature film competition for fiction, documentary and animation from around the world.

b. Guerrilla Competition: Feature short film competition for fiction, documentary, animation and experimental from around the world.

c. Chilean Panorama: Non-competitive section of national films, short films and videos for fiction, documentary and animation, and music video clips too.

d. International Panorama: Foreign feature films and short films that show looks, stories and concerns of different cultures related to LGBT+ topics.

e. Focus: Selection of tittles that seeks to recognize the work and career of a filmmaker who stands out for its singular look about LGBT+ topics.

AMOR International LGBT+ Film Festival opens its 2020 call for audiovisual works from 2018 onwards, from around the world, without commercial exhibitions on Santiago of Chile, addressing LGBT+ subject (lesbians, gay, bisexual, transsexual, intersex, and any other expression of sexual diversity and/or gender).
a. International Competition: Feature films of fiction, documentary, and animation, with a minimum length of 60 minutes, including credits.
b. Guerrilla Competition: Short films for fiction, documentary, animation and experimental, with a maximum length of 30 minutes, including credits.

For inscriptions, applicants must complete and submit the registration form available at, or can also apply through the registration platform: FestHome. Registration is free, and it can be done until 23:59:59 hours on Friday, April 10, 2020.

The preferred platforms for viewings or download the films are Vimeo or YouTube. The films must be spoken in Spanish or subtitled to Spanish, english or Portuguese. Any costs related to the shipping of the material will be paid by the postulant.

The postulated works will be submitted to a selection process by the festival’s programming team. The decision will be unquestionable. The inscription doesn’t assure the selection of the film for AMOR Festival. The AMOR Festival programming team will not be obliged to view or download registered films out of time.

5.- awards
The awards given by the Jury and the Public for the fifth edition of AMOR International LGBT+ Film Festival, will be a statuette of recognition to the winner of each of the following categories:

Jury Award International Competition

Award of the Public International Competition

Jury Award Guerrilla – International Short Film Competition

Award of the Public Guerrilla – International Short Film

Eventually the Organization may add categories and prices, between the publication of these bases and the realization of the fifth edition.

6.- JURY
The Jury will be conformed of personalities of outstanding trajectory of the national and international audiovisual industry, as well as people related to the arts and culture. The names of those who join the Jury for this edition will be communicated at least one month before the start of the festival.

The six members who conform the two Juries, will have the mission to choose the best feature film of the International Competition, and the best short film of the Guerrilla Competition.

People directly related to the AMOR organization, and to the works in competition, will be disabled to form part of the Jury. The decision of the Jury in any case will be unquestionable.

Notification will be given to applicants whose works have been selected by the Festival's programming team until Friday, May 8, 2020. Those who are not selected will not be notified.

The selected films will have to sent before May 15, 2020:

a. A copy of the selected film through a file download link in H.264 format, or Blu-ray, or DCP, will have to be presented in the original version, in Spanish or subtitled to Spanish, english or Portuguese.

b. A list of subtitles and a list of dialogues (In case of the festival requiring them).

c. Film synopsis, biography and filmography of the director.

d. A set of at least 5 stills of the film and of the director.

e. Trailer through a file download link in H.264 format.

f. Promotional posters.

g. A complete list of technical and artistic credits.

h. Press kit.

In case of foreign films or from other regions of the country, the copies will have to be previously sent paid by the sender, to:

AMOR, Festival Internacional de Cine LGBT+

Oficina de Programación

Victor Hendrich 361, Providencia

Santiago de Chile

Postal Code 7501401

Declare “without commercial value, for cultural purposes only”.

Applicants who live in Santiago city, will be able to approach AMOR offices, from Monday to Friday, between 11:00 and 18:00 hours. The material must be delivered in a sealed envelope and labeled to AMOR International LGBT+ Film Festival.

The films must be sent with all the expenses paid by the submitter. Payments at destination are not accepted, unless the organization of AMOR authorizes it previously. AMOR will pay the withdrawal for the copies, excluding any additional customs or other taxes in the country of return. None of the extra materials sent with the film will be returned.

All works will be returned within four weeks after the end of AMOR Festival, unless otherwise stated. It is the responsibility of each participant to inform AMOR Festival, in a timely manner, the return data of the films (address and date of return desired).

In case of failure or loss of films (discs or others), any claim must be made within one month after the receipt of the material. No claims will be accepted outside this period.

AMOR reserves the right to use excerpts from selected films (videos, audios, images, graphics, texts), with the aim of disseminating the works and the event, exclusively for promotional purposes, without prejudice to the fact that copyright of the works remain in the possession of the owners of these.

The registration and/or participation on AMOR International LGBT+ Film Festival supposes the acceptance of the present rules. Once selected, the films will not be able to be removed from the festival.



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