Puerto Rico Queer Filmfest (10)


15 apr 2019
Inizio delle iscrizioni

26 lug 2019
Festival chiuso

01 ott 2019
Data della notifica

01 nov 2019
30 nov 2019


PO Box 9021099,  00902-1099, San Juan,  San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Photo of Puerto Rico Queer Filmfest
Photo of Puerto Rico Queer Filmfest

Photo of Puerto Rico Queer Filmfest
Photo of Puerto Rico Queer Filmfest


Inizio del Festival: 01 novembre 2019      Festival si chiude: 30 novembre 2019

Since 2009, the Puerto Rico Queer Filmfest is the first and largest LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) themed festival in the Caribbean region. We are seeking out films from all over the world to be screened at the Festival’s Ninth Edition in November 2017, as well as special screenings.

-Jury Award for Best Feature Film

-Audience Award for Best Feature Film

-Audience Award for Best International Short Film

-Audience Award for Best Local Short Film


1. Submitted works can be feature length or short films, fiction or documentaries,
and they should explore LGBTQ themes significantly.

2. The film must be a Puerto Rico premiere.

3. To enter your film you must send us an online screener via Festhome. You can also send preview DVDs or Blurays. If you choose to do so, they must be properly labeled and tested on several models of players before sending it to our offices.

4. PRQF will retain the preview screener DVD or Bluray for a Festival archive for internal use only.

5. Along with the preview screeners you must send a completed and signed application form. If you are submitting more than one title you must fill out one form for each one.

6. We encourage you to include promotional materials (Hi resolution images, synopsis, etc.). You can post a link to the film trailer on your email.

7. PRQF may use up to 3 minutes of footage or film stills from the work for promotional purposes (reels, programs, webpage, etc.) Any restrictions for the use of these materials must be notified in writing.

8. All entry forms and screeners must be sent by July 28th, 2017.

9. If your work is selected, you will receive a notification email and we will inform you when we require your exhibition materials.

10. Exhibition copies must be on Bluray (NTSC). We also accept a link to download
the film on HI-RES Quicktime Movie format (we prefer H.264, NTSC. We project on @1440 x 1080).

11. The applicant must pay for the shipment of exhibition materials to the Festival.
The Festival will cover the cost of return shipment of exhibition materials.

12. PRQF accepts no responsibility for loss or damage of copies during shipment to or from the Festival. In case of loss or damage during the Festival, the responsibility of the Festival is limited to the costs for repair or replacement of the print.

13. Once a film is submitted it may not be withdrawn.



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