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  • I found it an incredible experience. I am very happy to have found you. You really increased our organizational capacity.

    - La Guarimba Film Festival

  • Adding to my so far absolutely fantastic experience with Festhome you resolved all matters perfectly ;-)!! Extremely happy about that - simply great! Thanks for doing such a great job, being so attentive and helpful - I will further continue to give my highest recommendations for Festhome - you are fantastic!

    - Hannes (Filmmaker)

  • Thank you for the ease of use, I congratulate you for your efficiency and good care.

    - Pilar (Filmmaker)

  • Great customer service!

    - Jordan (Filmmaker)

  • I would like to compliment you for the excellent Festhome website. Clean, well designed, intuitive. It took me just a few minutes from subscribing to send my first short to a festival.

    - Carlos (Filmmaker)

  • I never imagined your support would be so quick and effective! I congratulate you for it! Festhome has played a key role in my film's distribution!

    - Charo (Filmmaker)

  • You have an excellent service!

    - Ana Isabel (Filmmaker)

  • Thank you for your quick support and making Festhome free to use. It means a lot to a small festival like ours.

    - Niels W. (Butiful Film Festival)

  • May this cooperation last forever! Festhome did make our festival's production much easier, and I am possitive this is just the beginning.

    - João Rocha (Festival de Cinema de Macaé)

  • We want to thank you for the chance Festhome gave us to reach more countries. We are happy in terms of quantity and also because of the submissions' high quality. The festival was a real success, also in attending numbers. Next year we will continue with Festhome, since it has been so useful.

    - LAPACHO Latinamerican Short Film Festival

  • In general we are very happy with your plattform. It makes things for us very easy and it is great that you are open to our feedback. Thank you!

    - Andreas (Landau - La.Meko International Short Film Festival)

  • I wanted to say thank you for all your help. We had a really great experience working with you and were consistently impressed by your speedy customer service.

    - Josh Paget (New Urbanism Film Festival)

  • Thanks for the speed and the efficiency. You are the best.

    - Sergio M. (film-maker)

  • I have found Festhome the most user-friendly festival submission website. It has a transparent and organised layout, and all the information is very easily accessible making submitting genuinely a matter of few clicks. It seems like it was created by someone who had been submitting films to festivals themselves and knows exactly what the pains are and how to ease them.

    - Ola J. (Filmmaker)

  • The Support Team is just beyond excellent. They replied to my message immediately, and went out of their way to resolve the problem on the spot. It also felt like there were real (and very nice!) people on the other side, which made the experience great and so unusual for the Internet. Almost as if I had emailed a friend for some help. Keep up the great work guys.

    - Ola J. (Filmmaker)

  • I must congratulate you as you are the ONLY and I say again ONLY site, that you are on time on payments, I am still running on other platforms to send us the submission fees for the festival.

    - Patrick V. (Curtain Raiser Children Film Festival)

  • I used to hate submitting to film festivals, but now it is quite simple and easy thanks to you. I must acknowledge that a great part of the success of my short film No Bread would have been impossible without Festhome. Thank you for your excelent service and all the help you gave me!

    - Macarena M. (Filmmaker)

  • I work with 3 submission platforms for my film and, honestly, I choose Festhome: easy, practical and intuitive.

    - José Luis E. (Filmmaker)

  • Thanks for the great support!

    - Erik F. (Filmmaker)

  • I'd like to say this is the best thing we have done as a festival signing up to your submission site. We have seen a big rise in international submissions to our festival. So thank you for that and we will be using your site for next festival!

    - Kelvin G. (Carmarthen Bay Film Festival)

  • Siete sempre gentili e tempestivi. E' anche molto utile per noi poter corrispondere in Italiano a differenza di altri portali che sono solo in inglese e spagnolo. Buon lavoro!

    - Enny Mazzella (Director, Ischia Film Festival)

  • I think that your platform is the best one I have ever seen and it is really easy and practical to work with. Thank you very much for this great site!

    - Karin and Didi Frmherz (film-makers)

  • I am truly grateful for your help, and also really impressed by the quality and speed of your attention service. Thank you.

    - Francisco Padilla (film-maker)

  • Your platform is my favorite! I recommand it to every filmmaker and producer!

    - Lou-Brice (Film-maker)

  • Excellent new site. Very well done. I wish all festivals would use you.

    - Gregory K. - Filmmaker

  • Bravo for the site, you are the best! The latest design is absolutely top. You have the best options, and about the Annual Pass, I think you must be the only ones who offer it.

    - Denys Beaumatin (film-maker)