The Huesca IFF is about to start its new edition on Festhome TV

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Pubblicato: 04 Jun 2020


From June 13th though the 20th, the 48th Huesca International Festival will take place online on Festhome TV. Bound by the circumstances (the pandemic that still plagues the entire planet) the festival will have presential screenings but will focus on online exhibition in 2020.

The Huesca International Film Festival hardly needs introduction: with a track record spanning nearly half a century, its well-known and coveted Danzante awards are one of the main aspirations of short format filmmakers. Qualifier for the national Goya Awards and for the international Oscar Awards®, the Huesca international Film Festival also distributes almost 25000 euros in prizes, and boasts, with cause, to sponsor the attendance of a large majority of the filmmakers whose short films it selects.

It is precisely the selection of its different sections (national and international, with a particular attention to the Ibero-American short film) that makes Huesca one of the main meeting points of the short film universe. And an essential part of that selection can be seen on Festhome TV between the 13th and 20th of the current month of June.

No one can miss the opportunity to watch that selection of the Huesca IFF on Festhome TV for free. And we do not need to say it ourselves: audiences, critics, programmers and producers have been saying it for almost 50 years.


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