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20 Jul 2019

Published: 07 Jun 2019
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The Bogota International Documentary Film Festival (MIDBO), organized by Colombia’s Documentary Filmmakers Guild ALADOS, is a non-fiction cinema specialized event that throughout the last 24 years has been consolidated in Colombia and Latin America as a fundamental space of the exhibition, dialogue, and thinking around non-fiction audiovisual.

Regarding the 26 MIDBO, we would like to invite local and Ibero-American filmmakers and producers to submit their audiovisual works to our 2024 call for films and to participate in the varied formative and debate spaces that will take place virtually and on-site throughout the festival.


This year the 26th edition of MIDBO will take place from October 29 to November 4 in Bogotá, Colombia. During the year, MIDBO will screen several films in different regions around the country and maintain the MIDBO-ALADOS Tuesday slot in different allied theaters.

After 25 editions, MIDBO continues to work towards hosting an event that fosters belief and trust in reflection on documentary filmmaking and the diverse approaches to portraying reality. Our main interest lies in exploring the myriad ways of capturing the world. Committed to unraveling the complexities of a reality that surpasses us, we strive each year to create an ideal space for collective engagement with documentary filmmaking.

In 2024, we remain dedicated to fostering creativity and acknowledging the efforts of filmmakers. Hence, we will feature two competitive sections: one national and the other Ibero-American. In these sections, we will present awards for the Best National Documentary, encompassing both short and feature-length films, and the Best Ibero-American Documentary Feature Film, focusing on films over 60 minutes in length produced in Ibero-America. The jury for each competition will be announced one month prior to the event and will consist of three (3) artists, filmmakers, writers, critics, or cultural managers from Colombia and around the world.


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Photo of Muestra Internacional Documental De Bogotá
Photo of Muestra Internacional Documental De Bogotá
Photo of Muestra Internacional Documental De Bogotá
Photo of Muestra Internacional Documental De Bogotá

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