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Copenhagen, Denmark

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07 Aug 2020

Published: 04 Jun 2020
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Short films

VOID IAFF is Denmark´s most audacious animation film festival which takes place annually in the beautiful capital city of Copenhagen.

The purpose of VOID IAFF is to celebrate animation in all its forms by creating and promoting a space where storytellers connect with a broader audience.

Every year in February, VOID IAFF arranges feature film screenings and retrospectives, curates short film programs, invites international guest speakers for talks and seminars… and hosts three competitions!

The name “VOID” recalls the blank canvas, the empty space, from which directors, animators, and artists create entire worlds of pure imagination.
The name also refers to a gap in the programming of Danish cinemas. Aside from big-budget, commercial hits, animated films very rarely get a shot at the big screen, and not for lack of quality. VOID IAFF was established to change that. Starting from screening for adults only, VOID IAFF has now broadened its scope so to create a future that cherishes animation as the powerful storytelling tool it is in telling stories that are diverse, experimental, compelling, and that matter.

VOID IAFF is part of a growing community of animation lovers, producers, and professionals worldwide. Take part in VOID IAFF and dive into international top-class animation which also dares to be different. We aim to push it, crush it and inspire the next generation of animated filmmakers to be not only tech-savvy and into their craft, but also daring, exploring and personal.

For each edition we curate experiences which features animation outside the screening rooms, so if you want us to take your virtual reality, visuals, computer game or installation into consideration, we are open. If you have troubles submitting, please email us at info@voidfilmfestival.com.

Shake the conscience, awake the soul, spark reflection, tickle curiosity, interrogate the status quo, trigger conversations.

Welcome to VOID IAFF!

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Photo of VOID International Animation Film Festival
Photo of VOID International Animation Film Festival
Photo of VOID International Animation Film Festival
Photo of VOID International Animation Film Festival

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