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31 Dec 2020

Published: 03 Jul 2020
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Welcome to the 4th edition of the Meraki Film Festival. For this edition we will be in both Berlin (Germany) and Madrid (Spain)! Two cities, double the chance to be selected or even to be selected twice!

Our festival is inspired by the meaning of the word “Meraki“ and its relation to the process of creating films and screenplays.

The term “Meraki“ is reserved for projects that are a labour of love that have been borne out of absolute devotion during the creation process. If you have put your heart and soul into creating a film or screenplay than this is the Festival for you to celebrate your success and hard work.

It is a perfect event to show your work to a film-passionate and “connoisseur” audience. Our festival's philosophy is about promoting new opportunities for people to enjoy cinema where cinema is created. To show films that entertain and enlighten audiences, that transmit the passion their creators have put into their work through a big screen.

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Photo of Meraki Film Festival
Photo of Meraki Film Festival
Photo of Meraki Film Festival
Photo of Meraki Film Festival

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