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Santiago, Chile

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07 Sep 2020

Published: 06 Aug 2020
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The Santiago International Documentary Film Festival (FIDOCS) is the main broadcasting, diffusion, and competition event for documentary cinema in Chile and Latin America.

Focused on the promotion of dialogue and reflection, as well as in training audiences towards the appreciation of documentary film in a context of permanent transformation, FIDOCS seeks to explore the multiple paths available in documentary making as well as in the drifts proper to nonfiction works. In its program, FIDOCS incorporates the works of both experienced and emerging directors in order to address the question of “THE REAL”, and in doing so, it considers the various dimensions, disciplinary frontiers, and tensions that the question “what is real?”, as well as the documentary genre itself, has to offer us.

Throughout its history, FIDOCS has positioned itself as one of the most distinguished documentary film festivals in Latin America, standing as a privileged platform to screen contemporary cinema and to promote critical thinking. Year by year, under its selective curatorial approach, FIDOCS no only calls for important exponents of national and international audiovisual sectors to exhibit their work in Santiago, but also, in using this city as a film hub, it calls on such exponents to question, interpret, and re-write the status of contemporary documentary film practice today.

For the promotion, positioning, and exhibition of Chilean and International films, FIDOCS displays two main competitions. These sections include: International Feature Film Competition and Chilean Feature Film Competition.

In addition, FIDOCS has the main industry activity, FIDOCS FIRST CUT, for national and Latin-American works in progress where the jury, in addition to choosing a winner, feeds the filmmakers to carry out the post-production of their films and encourage their diffusion and transmission.

The festival also includes important training and extension activities, such as ESCUELA FIDOCS, where the most prominent film school students from Santiago receive private exhibition classes from the main festival’s international guests; Master Classes open to the public; FIDOCS editions, among others. Moreover, given its interdisciplinary scope, FIDOCS also seeks to accompany the screening of documentaries with other artistic interventions, such as installation works, exhibitions, performances, or theater plays, all of which are in constant dialogue with the notion of the documentary itself by their own expressive means.

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Photo of Festival Internacional de Documentales de Santiago, FIDOCS
Photo of Festival Internacional de Documentales de Santiago, FIDOCS
Photo of Festival Internacional de Documentales de Santiago, FIDOCS
Photo of Festival Internacional de Documentales de Santiago, FIDOCS

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