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Bruxelles, Belgium

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06 Jun 2022

Published: 18 Jan 2022
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The Alimenterre festival raises awareness of food and agriculture issues and questions our ways of cultivating the land and living on it.

It offers screenings followed by debates, meetings, workshops and concerts with specialists from the world of agriculture, filmmakers, experts from the North and the South, as well as people involved in initiatives for healthy, sustainable and resilient agricultural and food systems.

It takes place over 5 days in mid-October in Belgium (Brussels and 6 cities in Wallonia) before touring West Africa (Senegal, DRC, Burkina Faso).

It is organised by SOS Faim, an international solidarity NGO active since 1964 in the food and environmental transition in Africa and Latin America. The NGO supports family farming, which has enormous potential to meet the challenges of food security, social equity and environmental sustainability.

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Photo of Festival Alimenterre
Photo of Festival Alimenterre
Photo of Festival Alimenterre
Photo of Festival Alimenterre

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