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01 May 2022

Published: 18 Jan 2022
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Short films

During a weekend, September 3 and 4, 2022, the village of Reugny hosts a unique film festival.

Multiple appointments, surprises and opportunities to share together films, astonishing, moving forms, sensitive creations, and singular universes.

The festivities are divided into two highlights: an evening with the program of a film-concert and a day of continuous screening of short films, everywhere in the center of the village and in unusual places: cellar, garage, church, business, or homestay. The public will wander from place to place to discover these small films of multiple universes which allow the spectator, to like, not to like, to discuss, to come back to see, to live a small concentrate of emotions and exchanges.

This festival will focus on the themes of ecology and sustainable development in the broad sense. It will be an opportunity to promote the distribution of films, works and audiovisual documents from all countries, of all genres and for all types of audiences. Cinema will bring us what it can do best in terms of ecology: make us think and above all make us dream.

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Short film festival

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