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19 Aug 2023

Published: 11 Nov 2022
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The Wild Indie Sci-fi & Fantasy Film Festival continues to grow and celebrate our favourite genres of film. Enter once, your film is assessed for all the categories (see note below). It's a shorts specific festival. There are prizes for some categories and we are trying to get more all the time. It's a BIG screen in London. We'll confirm prizes for the new season between the hyphens below.


The new season of WISFFF opens officially on the 5th November, 2022 ("fireworks night" in the UK). The festival is actually open to test and soft launch from October, 2023. You can enter from that date if you wish. Screening will be a big screen in London in November 2023.

During 2020, 2021, and 2022 - The Wild Indie Sci-Fi and Fantasy Film Festival was hosted at the same venue, Greenwich IMAX Odeon Theatre in London on it's lovely big screens. And… “Oh My Word the films look amazing in there!!”. We have had an awesome and ever growing selection of films at the screening, with many more films on the online version of the festival. The online festival site for 2022 ran until November 2022. There are some photos of the screening event on here.

There are a number of challenges, awards and prizes for Micro (2min), Mini (10min), and Short (25min) film categories within the genre.

The 2022 Early Bird Teaser can be viewed at:

The 2021 trailer can be viewed here:

News for the 2023 season will come to you via the the social media channels, particularly the Facebook Page, mainly because the text isn’t limited in characters like other channels.

To answer a question asked all the time. Yes HORROR is included and has it's own subgenera award now.

The festival is open to all (UK, Worldwide, The Up/Down/LSide/RSide Dimensions, even the Outer Spiral Arm (of the Galaxy). English is the festivals first language ; other languages are welcome but should be closed captioned to English. Awards are listed in full below.

If we've had the good fortune to see an advert for your film and sent you a discount/waiver it's because we really want you to enter. We make films and enter festivals ourselves so we know just how many offers you'll get on a marketing cycle. If you've got an offer from us, it's because we think your film fits? If you we didn't see your ad'... ask us... filmmaking is about networking.

This event is completely independent of Wild Indie's production (but again ask us if you want to find out about any of those projects).

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Photo of Wild Indie Sci-fi & Fantasy Film Festival
Photo of Wild Indie Sci-fi & Fantasy Film Festival
Photo of Wild Indie Sci-fi & Fantasy Film Festival
Photo of Wild Indie Sci-fi & Fantasy Film Festival

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