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Bogotá y Bucaramanga, Colombia

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20 Jan 2023

Published: 21 Dec 2022
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Short films

Our principle is anthropophagic and cannibalistic. Kinesyphilis is a disease that we suffer from and with which we commit ourselves. Our interest: to eat and digest cinema from the south.

This festival was founded to open another door in the festival scene in Colombia. To think, watch, listen and read the cinema of the past, present and future. Our limits will be reflected in each of our editions. In addition, we adhere to a tradition of our arts and cultural movement, since the impulse that motivated the magazine Ojo al Cine founded by Andres Caicedo viciously influences the creation of this festival.

Call "Poetics of Resistance".

Curatorial proposal:

This exhibition aims to convene cinematographic, audiovisual and videoclip expressions of any genre that were made around the social outbreak in Colombia between 2019 and 2021. We are interested in compiling and creating a bank of artistic memory about the creations that thought through image and sound all the social process that took place throughout the country.

Likewise, due to diverse political processes of resistance at an international level, we consider it important to open our doors to creations from all over the world. Therefore, we will have our call open to cinematographic, audiovisual and videoclip expressions of any genre made between 2019 and 2023 in any country or town that are linked to the concept "Poetics of Resistance".

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