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Moinabad, India

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31 May 2023

Published: 01 Jan 2023
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It is one of the Best Short Film Festival ever. Come Join in and make this Great Event a Success. Indapur International Short Film Festival is leading an inventive International short film celebration and welcomes filmmakers and movie producers. It is one of a kind short film Festival, concentrating on opportunities for worldwide movie producers.

IISFF is a Unique Short Film Festival occurring every year in the city of Indapur (PUNE) which centers around opportunities creation for worldwide filmmakers. The possibility of this short film festival was taken through an Inspirational Event held in Pune during 2017 and it has been a long time from that point forward we have effectively finished up the 3 years of Short Film Festival Event in the city of Indapur.

​IISFF will give a chance to elevate familiarity with Hindi, English and Marathi cultures and characters to crowds of every single social foundation. IISFF will introduce films in their unique dialects with subtitles with an end goal to construct cross cultural bridges. The Vision and Mission of IISFF is guided by a advisory board composed of reputed and notable appointed authorities, filmmakers and directors of film industry.

​IISFF brings film lovers and film producers together to empower trade of data and single window answers for film industry. The Indapur fest Aims to do inventiveness through all year Activities like :

* Film Festival
* Seminar ( meeting ) by Experienced Film Directors.
* Film Screening
* Workshops for Upcoming Filmmakers
* Interactions with driving Film Makers, Technicians and Actors

​It is a goal for the film network to find, reach and talk about the film festival occasions. Festivals are esteemed for the film business as the most dangerous road for developing contacts, coordinated efforts and professions universally. Indapur fest focuses on the production of this equivalent socialization, sharing and support.

The stage furnishes filmmakers with the innovation to distribute their films to crowd. If you make films or you screen films, Indapur fest can connect you to the next generation of film makers.

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Photo of Indapur International Short Film Festival
Photo of Indapur International Short Film Festival
Photo of Indapur International Short Film Festival
Photo of Indapur International Short Film Festival

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