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22 Mar 2023

Published: 08 Jan 2023
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With the name Illusive Eye the optical process by which animation occurs in our brain by generating movement from the illusion produced by the rapid exposure to images in sequence is evoked. Animation offers the construction of credible universes, capable of freeing us from the limits of immediate reality.

With the coming of current communication technologies, animation has gained even more ground than it had in Film, Didactics and Videogames. Now, with the internet and the power of cell phones, mobile applications and the interconnection of devices and institutions with the network, animation has become an essential part of the language of interaction between the user and the world.

This audiovisual language has extended its discursive horizons as far as the human imagination reaches, and technically its evolution has allowed it to overcome reality by opening a fantastic vortex that provides immersive experiences and high doses of empathy as well as tons of fans of all ages and throughout the world, developing any theme with great aesthetic contributions and various levels of depth.

In honor of this abyss of creativity and as an invitation to immerse ourselves in it, this meeting space has been created for creators, scholars and amateurs. Looking to show not only its strength in the current film narrative but the presence of other types of speeches built on this means of visual expression: GIFs, memes, stickers, emoticons, headers, symbols for social networks, interface elements, banners, promotions , and any type of element generated from the illusion of an eye.

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Photo of El Ojo Iluso
Photo of El Ojo Iluso
Photo of El Ojo Iluso
Photo of El Ojo Iluso

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