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01 Jun 2023

Published: 21 Jan 2023
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25 January 2011, the day when the Egyptian revolution was born, flowers have bloomed in Egypt's streets. The Egyptian revolution is not just a revolution, it's a symbol of resistance, a vibe that everyone still feel when we walk downtown Cairo, you see it on the walls, on the faces of people and hear it in the unspoken words.
12 years passed since the glorious revolution of the 25th of January. We are bringing the memory of the revolution and let it live forever in the heart of film makers; that's why we make this film festival, you can submit your film in the festival as long as it fit with the criteria of the film genres and it has a revolutionary idea.

What make 25 January not just a festival, It's more than that:
- The strength and the weight of our jury. The festival has a very experienced jury that would definitely give credit to the official selection submitted films.

- The submitted films will have a chance to be screened in different halls and theatres in Leiden city in the Netherlands for three days the duration of the festival. We will announce the locations soon.

- The submitted films will have a chance to be broadcasted on at least 2 TV channels, a Dutch and an Arabic TV channel. We will also announce the names soon.

- The Submitted films will have the chance to be broadcasted on our website and additional to that there will an evaluation video made by a professional filmmaker to analyse the film.

* The broadcasting or screaming films will only occur after a permission issued by the filmmaker.

Who are the jury members?
Our Jury members are high experienced artists, journalists and film makers:
1- Wagdy El Araby from Egypt
2- Rena Netjes from the Netherlands
3- Asaad Taha from Egypt
4- Madeleine Leroyer from France
5- Teun Castelein from the Netherlands
more info about juries:

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Photo of 25 January film festival
Photo of 25 January film festival
Photo of 25 January film festival
Photo of 25 January film festival

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