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15 May 2024

Published: 30 May 2023
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8th Babul Eco Film Fest 2024 has both competitive and non-competitive sections.
1) Short Film Contest on topic ENVIRONMENT below 5 Mins]

2) BEFF 2024 SCREENINGS invites filmmakers to submit their ecofilms [ dealing any aspect related to Environment, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development, Climate action etc.,] for screening to the discerning ecolovers of India. The main festival happens in Hyderabad, Telangana India 1-5 June 2024 and later travels to different places.
update May 2024: Due to heatwave, the on going elections and other reasons we are extending the main film festival beyond 5th June 2024 till end of June 2024. After this some films will have repeat screenings at different venues based on the themes as per the date and audience suitability.

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Photo of Babul Eco Film Fest
Photo of Babul Eco Film Fest
Photo of Babul Eco Film Fest
Photo of Babul Eco Film Fest

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