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Quibdó, Colombia

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30 Jun 2024

Published: 16 Mar 2024
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In the 2024 edition of the Quibdó Africa Film Festival, we delve into a unique and vibrant space where Africa and its Diaspora converge. This festival is more than just a series of film screenings – it's a comprehensive cultural experience featuring workshops, conferences, and artistic exhibitions. It's an odyssey that traverses the realms of the unknown, journeying through time – from past to present and into the future. This event is not just about showcasing films; it's about exploring a space that embodies both memory and representation, a space that prompts us to reflect on our history and the myriad ways we have evolved.
The 2024 festival is set to be a grand assembly of avant-garde Afro filmmakers, representing a dynamic artistic and cultural movement that boldly reimagines new identities through the fusion of art and historical fantasy. These creators engage in a vibrant dialogue within this artistic whirlwind, challenging and redefining conventional narratives.
At the heart of our vision for 2024 is the concept of "afrodisruptive" cinema. This genre is meant to startle and challenge, to be potent, impactful, and unsettling. It aims to disrupt the tranquility of the status quo, upending and reinvigorating it. This revolutionary artistic concept spans 360 degrees, offering a critical reexamination and reinterpretation of African traditions and narratives.
In essence, the Quibdó Africa Film Festival 2024 is not just an event; it's a cultural revolution, a reawakening of perspectives, and a celebration of the relentless spirit of Afro cinema and artistry.

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Photo of Quibdó África Film Festival
Photo of Quibdó África Film Festival
Photo of Quibdó África Film Festival
Photo of Quibdó África Film Festival

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