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31 Dec 2024

Published: 22 Mar 2024
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In the city of culture, art, and Bollywood. FFM is dedicated to celebrating world-class cinema. Film festival of Mumbai is home to independent cinema from around the world. FFM puts filmmakers first and provides the opportunity for recognition and publicity for quality films and documentaries. Our aim is to be an advocate for filmmakers with a unique vision and to promote their work by showcasing it to a large audience. which is why our mission is to carefully consider and select a wide range of films to promote to the indie film-loving crowd.

FFM will be a global adventure of the premiere, screenings, nightly red carpets, daring documentaries, eye-opening short films, We also focus films under special categories such as LGBTQIA+ films, Women Empowerment films, Students Films,

We invite you to add your voice to the conversation. At FFM filmmakers are invited to the festival to participate in a variety of programs, Q&A sessions and a series of panel discussions, Press Conferences. masterclasses where filmmakers have the opportunity to discuss their work and careers with a new generation of content creators.

FFM will be host to Opening & Closing Night Gale, Opening & Closing night Red Carpet , Press Interaction for participants, Official Portraits for nominated filmmakers, Festival Interviews of Nominated filmmakers, nightly parties, live music performances, filmmaker panels, award presentations, and an enhanced filmmaker hospitality program that includes city tours and more.

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Photo of Film Festival Of Mumbai
Photo of Film Festival Of Mumbai
Photo of Film Festival Of Mumbai
Photo of Film Festival Of Mumbai

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