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Ayacucho, Argentina

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30 May 2024

Published: 28 Mar 2024
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The Rural Film Festival emerged in the city of Ayacucho in 2016 from an initiative presented by Mr. Emilio Quiroga to the Directorate of Culture to promote audiovisual production in our city.
Below, we list some of the central ideas, according to time and resources, that have been and will be developed within this space:
- General direction and coordination of the Rural Film Festival.
- Promotion and promotion of the movie theater and alternative projection spaces.
- Linkage and cooperation between rural and urban schools.
- Generation of socio-educational projects in schools, institutes and training centers.
- Provision of courses and training open to the community.
- Production of content and audiovisual resources for Municipal offices.
- Production of local short films that cover fiction and non-fiction stories, documentaries, on various topics.
Every year we launch an open call nationwide for fiction and non-fiction short films that cover Rural life from its form and/or content. Our intention is to get to know and enrich ourselves with productions from other places in our country.
The Festival provides training and support programs with theoretical and practical tools for audiovisual production to those who join this initiative. We refer to teachers and students from schools, institutions, neighborhood headquarters, organizations or groups who wish to participate.
This experience became a much larger phenomenon around the initially proposed Film Festival. We are motivated by the need to consolidate a space that seeks to generate identity, value culture, emphasis on human relationships and also commercial links that derive from this massive meeting that can be used to make goods, services and trades visible in pursuit of profit. mutual of the community.
Another important point is to strengthen the ties of our community with those people and groups that come to our city from both nearby towns and also from other cities and provinces of our country summoned by the social event that the Festival represents.
We will use the Festival as a construction tool committed to our social context and in accordance with sustainable production mechanisms considering current communication channels and technology. We will approach the audiovisual understood as an object to think about and in constant transformation.
It is necessary, from our intervention, to guarantee access to a symbolic language, essential to navigate the world around us and construct the images and sounds of our time, this being a necessary task for the development of society, the strengthening of democracy , equity and access to work.

Short film festival

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Photo of Festival Nacional de Cine Rural
Photo of Festival Nacional de Cine Rural
Photo of Festival Nacional de Cine Rural
Photo of Festival Nacional de Cine Rural

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