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Villamayor de Santiago, Spain

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02 Jun 2024

Published: 04 Apr 2024
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Short films

The European Short Film Festival Villamayor de Cine emerged in 2008 in the picturesque village of Villamayor de Santiago, located in the province of Cuenca. Its main mission was to create a space where short films took a prominent place and young directors had the opportunity to shine.

This festival takes place annually during the month of August, in intense days where a team of over forty young professionals, under the direction of the festival's founder, Javier Alonso, tirelessly works to bring the best of short cinema to Villamayor de Santiago.

Renowned Spanish actor Jesús Guzmán was the Honorary President of this film event until his unfortunate passing in 2023. In his honor, the award for the best fiction short film bears his name, keeping his memory and legacy alive in the world of cinema.

The festival's host is Luis Mottola, a highly esteemed professional actor and presenter. His presence elevates the festival with his experience and talent. Mottola feels a profound affection for Villamayor, just as the town appreciates him. @luismottola

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Photo of Fec. Villamayor De Cine
Photo of Fec. Villamayor De Cine
Photo of Fec. Villamayor De Cine
Photo of Fec. Villamayor De Cine

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